CSFF Blog Tour Wrap – Lost Mission by Athol Dickson

I love good book blog tours and the CSFF tour this week for Athol Dickson’s Lost Mission illustrates why. Good tours stir up thought, get people talking, build community. I think that happened this week. The hard stats are that twenty-five bloggers participated, posting forty-six articles.

The factor I haven’t explored is how many comments these posts generated. My three articles alone produced twenty-three comments. Something un-quantifiable is how much those discussions influence others.

To be sure, not everyone liked the book, but others wrote glowing reviews. For myself, I know I understand Lost Mission and what Athol aimed to accomplish more now than before I read what others posted.

Chawna Schroeder, for example, drew a parallel between the lost Mission of Santa Dolores, which the cover of the books induces us to connect with the title, and the lost missions of the characters who started out to do good and ended up failing. Great insight I would have missed.

Phyllis Wheeler posted her interview with Athol, and I learned some key points about his intentions and view of writing that I would have missed.

Donita Paul did considerable research on the magical realism genre, and I learned tons about this speculative niche that I would have missed.

Andrea Schultz took a look at the topic of Christian community, a key topic in the book that few of us touched on.

Tim Hicks posted an article about the names of two principle characters, drawing parallels to their lives in a way I hadn’t thought of before.

Valerie Comer posted a podcast interview with Athol (conducted by someone else) and commented on it. Again, I found new insights.

In so many ways and on so many levels this was a successful tour (I haven’t even mentioned the increase in blog traffic, the promotion of the book, or the focus on speculative fiction—the three main goals of CSFF).

And now it’s awards time. A group of bloggers posted all three days, and we need to decide which one deserves the designation of CSFF Top Tour Blogger for April (Lost Mission tour). Please peruse their posts and then vote for your choice. As usual, the poll will stay live for one week.

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