Fantasy Friday – New Releases

I’m pretty excited about the direction Christian fantasy is going. First, I’ve discovered general market Christian fantasy authors like R. J. Anderson and Australian author D.M. Cornish, published by Putnam.

Then I learned at Mount Hermon that Books and Such agented a fantasy author, selling the trilogy to Bethany House. Also, AMG (Dragons in Our Midst) has branched out and is now publishing adult fantasy.

Of course WaterBrook continues to lead the way with traditional publishers when it comes to speculative fiction. This month they released Raven’s Ladder (a CSFF feature later this month), Book 3 of the Auralia Thread series by Jeffrey Overstreet. In May The Last Christian a science fiction thriller by David Gregory will hit bookstore shelves. Publisher’s Weekly has this to say about the latter:

The plotting is intricate and imaginative, and the religious elements go beyond formula, though the political intrigue plot thread is less convincing. Gregory’s approach is fresh, and he’s produced a page-turner.

The big news is that Marcher Lord Press just released its new set of books: To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson, The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz, and The Word Unleashed by Steve Rzasa. The last two are science fiction.

Last month Publisher’s Weekly carried a short blurb about To Darkness Fled in their “Books in Brief” section. Here’s the opening line:

“Christian fantasy is the wee niche in which this fat book fits, and here’s hoping its quality helps enlarge the niche.”

The only thing I didn’t like in the PW blurb was the characterization of Christian fantasy as a “wee niche,” but that probably describes the number of available titles rather than the number of writers or would-be-if-they-only-knew readers.

In other encouraging news, the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference featured a Major Morning Track, eight hours of instruction, focused on speculative fiction. Also, three of the eight award winners there were speculative fiction writers.

Slowly but surely, the genre is coming of age.


  1. I’ve read D.M. Cornish’s books, “Foundling” and “Lamplighter.” They are both awesome – he has created an incredibly original and intricate “world” for his story, and I love his characters! 🙂 Any chance we might review his upcoming book “Factotum” sometime??


  2. Sounds great! Lots of good fantasy already out and it looks like lots more coming.


  3. I am really glad to hear that the genre is getting attention at Mount Hermon. Woo hoo!


  4. I was very encourage by what I heard at Mt Hermon too 🙂


  5. Crista, glad to hear from someone who’s read Cornish. I’m certainly intrigued. I’d definitely be open to touring one of his books.

    Sally, there are other books I didn’t even mention. I didn’t have time to do a thorough search but thought of some titles later—like Bryan Davis’s Starlighter.

    Phyllis, I hadn’t even planned to pitch my fantasy to any of the editors or agents, but found the interest there. Had one editor even ask. It was great to hear most of the editors in the fiction panel not exclude fantasy. Some still did, but it’s not like it used to be.

    And Morgan, I’m very excited by the interest shown your work and others with completed manuscripts. It seems quite promising. 😀 Yay!



  6. Nice to meet you, Rebecca! Got sent over by Nikole. perhaps we can become bloggites.

    Two summers ago Grace Bridges stayed with me on her sweep through the U.S. and so I’ve been sipping on sci-fi.

    Still nibbling and tasting…just read Nietz’s A Star Curiously Singing…


  7. Glad to hear it, Patti. Hope you enjoyed it.


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