Mount Hermon – Looking Back

I first attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference (where I am now, though you think I’m at home writing this blog post 🙂 ) back in 2004. Afterward one of the writing groups I belong to asked us to write about our most memorable moment at the conference.

Here’s my offering:

My Mount Hermon memorable moment was in transit. First stop for this poor white older single female bus traveler with Too Many Bags (both kinds) was downtown LA, for a transfer, at midnight.

I might mention, I’m not the most courageous person (i. e. I sent [one of the writers teaching a workshop] about seven dozen e-mails asking what I should expect at the conference).

The bus trip, however, was me and God—and about 82,000 other travelers. And the homeless folk who hang out at warm places like bus stations in the middle of the night.

Faced with an hour wait, I plopped on an end seat in the terminal and
determined to apply a recently-read writing tip—use the opportunity to people-watch. However, an elderly woman soon approached and sat next to me.

To my polite question about her travel plans, she responded, “No In-glesh.”

I dug out my rusty third-year Spanish and proceeded to stumble through a wonderful conversation with a godly Christian woman whose pastor-husband sat across the aisle.

Lessons learned:

  • God is in the bus station, too.
  • Language is important.
  • God transcends language barriers.
  • No matter how much I learn about my craft, without God’s transcendence, I might as well be stumbling along in a foreign language.
  • Connecting with culture is easier if you know the language.
  • Prayer matters.
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