Wait ’till June

I’m going off topic (not fiction, not Christian worldview) today. As some of you know, the NCAA basketball tournament started this week. Normally I have quite a problem because I want to watch games, but I’m also working, and most often, as I am this year, preparing for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference.

But here’s the thing. This year, no conflict. My team of choice to cheer for is UCLA, but alas, they didn’t even finish at .500, let alone garner enough respect to be invited to March Madness. Second choice would be USC, but they didn’t even make the PAC-10 Tournament because of recruiting violations.

How about Long Beach State or Cal State Fullerton. A few years ago, CSUN (Cal State Northridge) was the local Cinderella story. Nope, none of those teams made it either.

One sort of bright spot is UC Santa Barbara. I grew up in Santa Barbara, but the Gauchos were the rivals of tiny-Christian-college Westmont where my dad taught. So UCSB isn’t really a favorite. But even though it’s a hundred miles north of LA, it’s about as good as SoCal has. Unfortunately they had a low seed and probably already lost their first round game.

So what does that leave a die-hard basketball fan like myself? JUNE and the NBA finals with the reigning league champion Los Angeles Lakers looking to repeat.

Ah, June will be good. Until then I’m (mostly) sitting out March Madness. (I think Washington is playing right now—they’re PAC-10, so I might just take a peek at that game. 😉 )

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  1. Go Huskies! (Yeah, the PAC 10 wasn’t too great this year.)


  2. I’m not much into Basketball, but I do follow the Zags 🙂


  3. Yep, Washington pulled the upset! Go PAC 10. They are all rebuilding, but they weren’t as bad as so many were led to believe. What do you do when there’s parity and they keep knocking each other off?

    And yes, Morgan, I’m cheering for Gonzaga too! Any west team now. Even our wrap announcers said last night how West Coast teams get overlooked. It’s cause the news people back East are already asleep when our teams play. 😆



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