I’ve Been Banned!

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It happened once before. Back in 2005 when the movie End of the Spear came out, a group of bloggers took it upon themselves to reprove the people behind the production. I don’t want to rehash those issues, but I took a stand, largely based on the fact that God has called Christians to unity and I didn’t think the the debate was promoting unity.

I voiced my opinion in a way that … apparently didn’t promote unity either because the owner of the blog I was commenting on banned me. 🙄

And now it’s happened again!

Sort of the same problem, too. This time the blogger was taking to task a well-known Bible teacher for sloppy exegesis of Scripture. I can agree that if this actually happened, it is appropriate to address the issue. However, this blogger went a step farther and said this person who is affiliated with a certain evangelical group he came out of is trafficking in the same false teaching he left.

Uh, that would be not true.

I’ve got some personal knowledge about this teacher’s body of work, though not about the latest title that this blogger’s source quoted. I undoubtedly voiced my opinion too harshly, and I’m sorry for that, but here’s my on-going concern.

A lot of bad stuff is flying under the banner of Christianity, but instead of taking a look at those believing in universal salvation or groups deconstructing Scripture or denying God’s sovereignty, we have this blogger telling others this godly, Bible-believing teacher espouses a false faith.

The thing is, I found this blog post because a blog I subscribe to had a follow-up article—an “ah-ha, I wondered if something was fishy with this teacher” article.

It’s heart-breaking that someone with an ax to grind can go after someone on the Internet and influence others to “go and believe likewise.” Hopefully my comment to the blog I subscribe to will at least cause that individual to investigate on his own.

But what about the others out there? Especially considering Mr. Ban-her cut off the discussion before you could legitimately call it that.

The odd thing is that I’ve come out so recently saying Christians should stand up and call false teaching, false. I suspect that one reason we remain silent is because of people like Mr. Ban-her who wants to call anything not aligning to his position “false faith.”

Another strange thing, I admitted in my comments (all three he let through) that I don’t always agree with said Bible teacher. And I don’t. But his position was, sloppy exegesis in the instance passed on to him meant this person was habitually incorrect in their handling of Scripture—and he was right, I was wrong, so I should SHUT UP! Well, he didn’t use those words, but he did type an entire sentence in all caps telling me how I really had nothing of value to say.

Sometimes getting banned from a site ain’t all bad. 😉

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