Conference Prep

I’m planning to go to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference again this year, so my mind is full of all the things I want to get done between now and then.

We’ll have a CSFF Blog Tour the week of the conference, so that will occupy time that I normally have to prep. But what exactly does “prep” involve?

For one, I’ll need more business cards. I print my own with my Mac on these cool linen cards that don’t have perforated edges. But I’ll need to have a friend take a more recent picture (I’m of the mind set that cards and profile pictures should actually LOOK like the person).

Then there are manuscripts to prepare. Mount Hermon gives those of us attending, the opportunity to get either a critique or an editorial review as part of the price of the conference. But we have to mail these advance manuscripts in ahead of time. The one I had hoped to send is far from ready …

There are around-the-house things to do, too. Cleaning (why is it I’m more concerned to clean before I leave than when I am here! 🙄 ), arranging for the mail and newspaper to be held, paying bills (since the conference is at the end of the month), getting someone to cover my church library duty the Sunday I’ll be gone, a little shopping—just stuff, but it clutters up my brain and I can’t seem to “get creative.”

The tasks I want to do are the ones that don’t take much thought, at least not the right-brain kind. I’d rather read what others are saying in the blogsphere, check out agents I may want to query some day, work on a new project that has nothing whatsoever to do with what I want to show anyone at Mount Hermon.

I recognize these symptoms as things I do when I’m scared. I’m a classic procrastinator when I don’t think I can pull something off. If I fritter away my time, I know I will eventually not be able to do all the things on my list, giving me an excuse for why I did a less-than-best job.

So now that I know what it is I’m actually doing (blogging as therapy—who knew? 😉 ), I need to exercise that power of prayer I talked about a couple days ago and cast myself on God’s mercy so that I can start tackling some of the prep jobs.

And if any of you are inclined to pray for me these next couple weeks, I would be ever so glad!

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