Fantasy Friday–I Need Your Help Again

Last fall, I asked for input on a title for the first book of my fantasy quatrain, The Lore of Efrathah. The winning title in the poll was Against Blood and Fire. I’ve had favorable responses to it, though I knew it didn’t apply to this book as much as to the series. Still, I had nothing better.

Today I finished a soft revision of the final book and started thinking about a new title for it. The old one had been Battle for the Throne. Well “battle” is much like “sword” when it comes to fantasy. There’s nothing in that title to set it apart from all the rest.

As I started listing key words and phrases that fit the book, it dawned on me that THIS is Against Blood and Fire. That title fits perfectly!

So yea! 😀 I have my fourth book titled, and it’s a good one, I think. Except … that means book one, the all important first of the quatrain, is again title-less.


Maybe potential back-cover copy will spark some ideas or guide your choices (because I’m going to put up another poll and beg you to give me your feedback again):

Professional basketball did not prepare Jim Thompson for the parallel world he’s fallen into—a land ruptured by rebellion, with enemies targeting him for death and friends trusting him for deliverance, all because he uncovered a sword of uncontrollable power. His one goal is to find the way home, and yet he owes his life to the people who befriended him. Can he take the first step toward home and still help his companions free their land from an evil usurper? Or will Jim’s own weaknesses undermine his efforts and theirs?

You can also read the redone first chapter, if you’d like.

Some of these titles are the same as first time, some are new. Anyway, here are the choices so far. Please vote and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. I really appreciate your input!

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  1. Hey, Rebecca, I enjoy your blog and have passed on an award I was blessed with- The Prolific Blogger Award. Stop by my site and check what it’s about. Hope it blesses you.


  2. I’m not sure I’m crazy for any of the titles. Here’s a few shots of my own:

    A. The Fracture of Efrathah
    B. The Shards of Efrathah
    C. Exile In Efrathah
    D. The Court of Efrathah

    For (D) I don’t know if he encounters a “court” in terms of royalty in Efrathah, but I thought it would make a bit of an appropriate reference to him being a basketball player!

    Anyway, all the best as you search for a new title. Not an easy task, that!


  3. I really like Ephrathah’s Exiles, some of the other choices struck me as being a bit generic. Plus it reminds me of Hogan’s Heroes somehow…. 🙂


  4. I agree, Nissa—generic. It’s hard to be concrete (advice from one author), specific, not too long, unique, and interest catching all in the title! 😮

    I appreciate you all giving me such good feedback. Hope it keeps coming!



  5. Can you list the titles of the missing two for us for comparison purposes? I mean, maybe there’s a clue in there. Perhaps the first book’s title can relate to the last, etc.


  6. Since this is brand new to me and I haven’t read the sample chapter I’m very much out of the loop. But reading this post brought a few ideas to mind…

    -Mettle of the Meddler
    -The Treasure of Efrathah
    -Throne of the Sword
    -Power and Promise

    these may be completely worthless, or pieces you can rearrange. I hope they help you somehow


  7. Thanks for all this wonderful feedback. Your ideas show me I still have some work to do. I really appreciate it!



  8. Daniel, the other titles so far are

    Book two – Journey to Mithlimar
    Book three – The Stone of Surrender
    Book four – Against Blood and Fire



  9. I get the impression that you have a LOTR Fellowship kind of thing going on so…Fellowship of Exiles

    Or perhaps…Debt of Life

    I rather like recombining Robert’s suggestion into: Shards of Exile / Shards in Exile (if the exiles came to call themselves or be called the Shards. Just a thought…)

    I still like…Exiles from the Singah Mountains

    You say this is a parallel world. Ever watch the TV Show ‘Fringe’?


  10. Also, how about simply…The Lore of Efrathah

    Or… The Savior of Efrathah


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