Legion and Attacks against God

I’m defining “attacks against God” as that which contradicts or distorts the truth about Him as He has revealed Himself in the Bible. Some attacks against God are subtle and some are overt.

While I didn’t think the attacks in Avatar were subtle, apparently others did. Certainly those in The Shack were subtle enough that thousands of Christians have not seen them in light of the positives they discovered within the pages of the book. (An aside question: would Christians have so readily overlooked the idolatrous goddess worship espoused in Avatar if The Shack hadn’t desensitized many to the idea of God, the woman?)

Coming soon to a theater near you is a movie that appears to be a frontal assault on God and His nature. Legion, scheduled to release January 22, is a science fiction-horror movie or an apocalyptic thriller film, depending on what source you read. Here’s the premise and you can click on this link to see the trailer:

After God loses faith in humanity, the archangel Michael (Paul Bettany), who has become a fallen angel, is the only one standing between mankind and Armageddon. This time using angels to execute the Last Judgment, God’s wrath descends on Earth to exterminate the world’s population. In a desperate, last-chance gambit, Michael leads a group of strangers to a small New Mexico diner to protect a young waitress (Adrianne Palicki) who may be pregnant with Christ in his second coming.


Here’s what one reviewer has to say:

Now, folks, don’t be too biblical if you want to enjoy this movie.

It focuses on the fallen angels versus mankind when GOD is disdainful of cruel people and their evil deeds.

LEGION the movie is a part supernatural and part horror flick and not a religious picture per se, so don’t reach for your bible.

It’s a mix of the EXORCIST and the TERMINATOR, if you must.

In other words, chill out. Relax. The movie’s just for fun, and boy is it! (“You will be treated to graphic scenes of violence, guns, sexual references and language, plus grotesque images and transformations. But you will enjoy the fast stomping action from tip to toe, heart in your mouth.”)

I know I probably sound like a kill-joy, but heart-in-your-mouth action does not make it okay to lie about God, to distort His character, to besmirch His angels or His Son.

However, the real issue, as I see it, is this “don’t reach for your Bible” attitude. The implication is, nobody was trying to tell the Biblical story, so don’t get all fired up.

However, when someone writes something that contradicts truth, we generally call it a lie. When a story shows God as the antagonist, especially when, by inference, God is the God of the Bible, this is nothing more than the flip side of the Avatar lie: Mother Nature (Eywa) is god, a good god who will protect Mankind as Mankind protects her.

On one hand, an angry God bent on destroying Mankind; on the other a kinder, gentler god who promotes peace and oneness and harmony.

And we are supposed to relax, chill out, not grab for our Bibles? After all, it’s just entertainment.

That’s as big a lie as the others.


  1. Wonderful!


  2. Wow! I watched the video. It’s scary to think people eat this stuff up-God as vengeful and evil-a fallen angel and mankind as heroes. But Hollywood loves to twist truth inside out, and with all their stars and special effects, the masses will flock to see it.
    Once again they have distorted the truth of the Godhead(three in one) as well. If God is the evil destroyer and Michael is trying to save Jesus, then God and Jesus are what? Separate gods? Or is Jesus just a powerful speaker that will lead humans to defeat God with amazing rhetoric?
    Thanks for your thoughts on this matter. Christians really do need to know what the Bible says. So many don’t seem to have a clue anymore.


  3. I have an interesting point to add. Doug Jones is a Christian actor who is used a lot for his great physical acting, playing roles like the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four 2. He is in Legion. I saw a little interview with him about being in the movie. They asked him about being in such a movie. He said he got advice from Ralph Winter, another Christian in Hollywood (producer of X-Men), who told him something like, “They’re going to make it with or without you. How can you use it for godly influence?”

    He admitted he didn’t change the script or premise, but he does contrast the truth of the Bible against the film in the media.

    I don’t like the idea behind the movie, and it’s definitely not the type I go to anyway. I thought this was interesting considering your post!


  4. And…here’s linkage to it:


  5. Just saw this film Saturday and believe me,it’s totally convoluted and does not show “God” in a good light.

    The writers are extremely “ignorant” in their presentation of Biblical truth.

    What they did was,find a couple of names (Michael and Gabriel)
    from The Bible, and created a “fabricated”story without any cohesive truth or background search. The script was too wordy and the characters were totally unlikable. Logic was not the “order of the day” in this worthless waste of time.


  6. What would you say if I told you that it may have some truth to it.

    Angels used as a weapon against mankind ?

    everyone of us prays every night for forgiveness for our sins then wake up to do it all over again …

    How long did you think He was going to stand by while we piss on what He gave us?

    food for thought 🙂


  7. Hmm I agree I do feel that there is alot of so called entertainment not showing a good light on god and his angels. I was fancying seeing legion but I don’t think I’ll bother. There the good guys!!!


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