Well, I’m Back

At least I think so. The Christmas holidays are not the ideal time to have computer problems, but God is sovereign and worked in some amazing ways.

First, my wonderful tech guy (he is a keeper) finally concluded that the continuing problems were a result of the hard drive—not something I wanted to hear. In the process of finding the number of the company I’d used before when my old computer crashed, I found documentation about Apple Care that is, among other things, an extended warranty, one that would run out in twenty-five days.

I called the number provided and was able to set up an appointment for the earliest open slot, which happened to be the next afternoon (Wednesday before Christmas). Despite a lengthy search for a parking spot in the packed mall lot which put me into the Apple store late, I was still on the appointment list and met a tech after a minute wait.

He confirmed the problem with my drive, then after looking up some info said the silver lining in this situation (and I’m thinking, The silver lining is that I found out about the problem before the warranty ran out!) is that they don’t make my drive (165 GB, I think) any more and he’ll have to give me a 320 GB drive instead.

The drive needed to be ordered, so he told me, with the holidays, to expect four to six days before I’d have my computer. The day after Christmas, I got a call that my computer was ready.

Finding a parking place that day was probably the hardest part of the entire ordeal.

The next issue, still being resolved, is getting my data back onto my computer. It’s coming.

I’m sorry I missed the Digital Dragon Magazine tour, and I look forward to reading what others who participated thought.

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  1. Welcome back Becky! We missed you 🙂

    Keeping you in my prayers,


  2. Yes, welcome back, Girl.


  3. Glad that it worked out 🙂


  4. Welcome back Becky 🙂


  5. Ugh! I hate computer problems but it seems like it wasn’t much of an ordeal for you.

    I am new to your blog but have subscribed and will be back often.

    Alisa Hope


  6. I always worry when I don’t see you posting during the week – you’re so faithful! I’m glad the computer is coming along, and I’m sorry you missed the tour.

    Perhaps there needs to be a little redundancy in case you are down like this. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, but I don’t think the tour probably came near to its usual participation (though the holidays would be a factor too). Nothing you could do about it with the computer, but maybe there’s a way for others to help a little more? I would be happy to help if I can.



  7. Ryan, Nicole, Sam, Morgan, thanks so much for your kind words. I missed blogging! 😀

    Alisa, my turn to welcome you. I’m glad you’ve taken an interest in the discussions we have here. I hope you’ll feel free to comment early and often. 😉

    Jason, I’ve known for some time CSFF needed a back up plan, but I kept putting off doing something about it. Now that the worst happened, we’re probably good for a few more years 😕 But I want to take you up on your offer. I’ll contact you via email soon (-ish … I’m still getting bookmarks back and preferences set. Plus I’m still missing some email data which I hope my tech guy can give me.) Anyway, thanks for your concern!



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