I’m Thankful I’m a Writer

I love writing. I love the opportunity to say things that are important to me. I love the fact that I can do so in creative ways or clear, concise ways or thought-provoking ways.

I love the way words work. I love the way a story comes together, sometimes seemingly in spite of me. I love creating unique character voices and looking for fresh or unique details to describe even the ordinary.

I love the adventure of starting a new project. I love thinking and planning or imagining and creating.

I love grappling with ideas through writing. I love organizing those ideas so that I understand them better. I love analyzing ideas and measuring them up against Scripture.

I love talking to other writers. I love hearing their successes and fears and rejections. I love bouncing ideas back and forth. I love comparing notes and learning what they learned. I love passing along the tidbits I’ve learned.

I love going to writers’ conferences. I love being in a place surrounded by like-minded people. I love listening to editors and agents and other writers further along in their career than I am. I love seeing writing friends and hanging out together. I love meeting new writing friends.

I love writing instruction books. I love to learn what professionals have to say about how to write good fiction. I love to dissect the examples and compare them to books I’ve recently read.

I love to enter writing contests. I love the challenge. I love the chance to get feedback. I love the opportunity to try something different.

I love sharing my writing prayer requests with others. I love knowing that a group of believers is praying for my writing and what becomes of it. I love the knowledge that more people praying equates to more people praising God with each answer.

So with Thanksgiving Day a few short hours away here in the US, I’d have to say, apart from God Himself and my family, friends, food, and all the daily needs, I am most thankful that I am a writer.

This is a job I never dreamed I’d have the opportunity to hold. I didn’t even realize what a perfect fit writing is for me until I became a writer.

So I am thanking God for His incredible gifts which He lavishes upon us. And the one closest to my heart is my job as a writer.

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  1. Amen. May the bounty of giving thanks be yours today, Becky.


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