CFBA Tour – Leaving Yesterday

I’ll admit, I’m not on top of things with this tour for Leaving Yesterday by Kathryn (Katie) Cushman. First, I forgot I’d signed up for this tour and went ahead and posted my review over two weeks ago.

Second, I chose to post on the last day of the tour, but email problems and ultimately computer problems meant that I’m scrambling to get my post in under the wire (it’s still Friday on the West Coast. 😉 )

All this is unfortunate because this is a book I thoroughly enjoyed and I was only too happy to highlight it again. As I thought about my post tonight, I started kicking myself for not asking Katie for an interview. I’m sure she’d have much more interesting things to say than I will, but I’ll give it a go.

First, the author herself. I met Katie by way of a car pool to the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference three years ago. She had just recently received a contract with Bethany and was looking forward to the release of her first book A Promise to Remember.

All the way up the coast and back the group of us talked about writing and our conference experience. Then we did it again the next year. Through that time I learned that Katie is kind, unpretentious, a good driver, a woman who enjoys simple traditions, loves her family above all else, has a tender heart, is organized, appreciates God’s hand in her journey to publication, is open, intelligent, interesting.

I discovered one other thing when I read her work—she’s a talented writer. Not surprisingly, as a mom of two, Katie writes some of her best fiction (in my opinion) with a mom as her protagonist. The great thing is, she shows universal truths through the life and struggles of this “ordinary” woman.

Katie’s writing is entertaining, insightful, though-provoking. She doesn’t hide from the temptations of life, or the failures. But she follows them up with hope and mercy and redemption.

I’ll reiterate my recommendation of Leaving Yesterday:

Undoubtedly the book, marketed as contemporary fiction, will appeal most to women, but I think men can enjoy the story too. It’s a well-written, important story, and I suggest it’s a must read for Christian women. I highly recommend it to Christian guys as well.

But in the final analysis, I’d recommend you keep your eye on the name Kathryn Cushman and snag her next book as well, and her next, and her next, and her next. She’s just flat out a talented author.

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