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Last call for nominations for the Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction. You may still leave a nomination here or at the Award site. Remember, the actual award will be a Reader’s Choice, so please tell your friends to be ready to vote!

Wayne Thomas Batson reported that the Amazon blitz for The Curse of the Spider King went very well. No, it didn’t break into the top 25, which would have been exceptional, but moving up over 70,000 places ain’t so bad! 😉

Even now it is ranked under 6,000. A lot of books never reach that far up the best selling ranks on their best days! The current ranking means it is #3 in Christian tweener books, #7 in Christian science fiction/fantasy. And the book hasn’t released yet! 😮

Next up are the launch events. I’ve recently heard about the importance of having local success as a way to attract wider notice, and I think these speaking engagements and book signings are designed to garner media attention. I’m still waiting to hear about a potential exciting opportunity that will put Wayne and co-author Christopher Hopper in the national spotlight.

But here’s what I’m wondering about local efforts. How effective would it be to have a similar launch on the other side of the country? Wayne and Christopher both live on the East Coast. While I think it’s great that they have big plans for both their home states, what if they duplicated that in, say, California? Just thinking out loud. 😀

Now some not so good news. MindFlights, the online publication formed by the merger of Dragons, Knights, and Angels and The Sword Review announced that they need to cut back on the number of stories they publish in each monthly issue. They remain a paying market, but could use donations, even small ones, to help defray costs, especially of the print issue they’re planning that will contain the yearly best.

A note from D. Barkley Briggs, author of The Book of Names regarding the other books in the trilogy:

Finally, if you wish to send a note sharing your support of this series, I would love to compile all such correspondence to present on behalf of the fans of Karac Tor to any publishers I contact.

You can write to him at his site or on his Facebook or Shoutlife pages.

I’m sure there’s more info out there, but I’m out of time. You can always click on the link of your favorite author listed in the sidebar and see what’s the latest.

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