Writers Getting Together

I have to admit, I hear a number of writers heading off to Denver for the annual American Christian Fiction Writers Conference (ACFW), and I wish I were going too.

Nothing better than a group of writers and other professionals getting together and learning, laughing, celebrating, encouraging, talking shop.

My conference of choice is the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in Northern California (isn’t that our 51 state? 😆 ), but I have ties in Colorado and would love to have gone to ACFW for that reason alone.

Get this, though. My friend Sally Apokedak will be attending one of the Highlights Foundation (of Highlights for Children fame) Founders Workshops. This is actually a practicum for 6 participants, led by an editor. In Chautauqua, New York. On the west shore of Chautauqua Lake.

And then there is the upcoming Fall Festival of Authors here in Southern California, with, among others, Athol Dickson.

Honestly, I’m feeling a little starved because it’s been over a year now that I’ve been to any kind of conference.

I realize I interact with writers regularly via email and through social networking, but it isn’t the same. People in other professions have face-to-face encouragement regularly. I know from my teaching days, the interaction with colleagues spurred me on and gave me ideas and helped me find solutions to problems.

Writers need this too. But since I’m not able to go to ACFW in Denver, I’ll be eagerly watching the blogs to get a second hand look at that conference. The Inkwell looks especially promising.

Meanwhile, I’m on to work as usual, but I’m starting to save pennies in hopes of making the 2010 Mount Hermon Conference. 😉


  1. Oh, Becky, I wish you could have gone to ACFW. I hope even more that you’ll make Mount Hermon. That is also my favorite conference of any I’ve attended so far. I love, love, love Mount Hermon. So many talented people and all willing to encourage and help one another!

    I also loved the SCBWI Summer conference I attended.

    I’m such a conference junkie.


  2. I haven’t made a writing conference yet, but I’d love to go and meet some people. I keep saying I have to have enough written to make it worthwhile. I have family near Mt. Hermon, so maybe one day.

    We can commiserate at home, eh?


  3. Jason, expense-wise, you should come this next year to the NCWR up in Bothell north of Seattle. Very reasonable. Brandilyn Collins is the keynote this next year. Good people show up (Mick Silva, Karen Ball subbed a year ago for Don Pape, just to name a couple). Much more affordable for your location. Just a thought. Plus it would be nice to say Hi in person. 😉


  4. I’ll have to keep that in mind. 😀


  5. Becky,
    We need to get together! I’m missing humans too. I mean, I’m missing humans who are writers. Well, okay, I’m just plain missing humans. I have dogs, a cat, and enough pretend people in my WIP to keep me occupied, but they just aren’t the same.


  6. Yep, Jason, we who have been left behind the Denver-mobile can commiserate with each other 😆 Nicole’s got a good idea, I think. I don’t know that particular conference, but I’ve been to small ones before and you may actually get more one-on-one time and attention from the presenters. But still, it would be fun to meet at MH.

    Sally’s right, I think. Though ACFW specializes in fiction, Mount Hermon is still the conference I’d choose over any other. Part of it’s the location. Part is the quality … of everything.

    Yep, Merrie, we do need to get together. I think cyberspace must be eating my email. 😡 I’m resending a note I wrote you last week.



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