Clown Pajamas and Other Scraps of Info

When I was growing up, money was tight in our family. From time to time, to save a few dollars, my mom—not a seamstress—would make clothes for us kids. Among the items she would make were pajamas, nice, fluffy, perfect-for-winter flannel pajamas.

Except one year, she didn’t buy enough material. What to do?

She improvised and made one set of pajamas from the left-over material of the others. And then, the brilliant stroke: these pajamas weren’t just any old pajamas. They were clown pajamas. From then on, we children vied for the privilege to have Mom make us the newest version of clown pajamas.

There’s all kinds of lesson in that true story, especially on the spiritual level. What we think is worth nothing, God uses. What we think is patchwork, at best, God makes special and desirable. What we think of as inferior, someone else may see as superior. When we think what we have is insufficient, God weaves together what we give to Him and makes something sublime.

I could probably go on, but the fun of that analogy is that it has so many applications.

For this blog post, I initially thought of the article as clown pajamas because I didn’t really have a unifying theme, just some odd, unrelated items to mention. But I couldn’t very well title the article Clown Pajamas without explaining the significance. So there it is.

Now the odd, unrelated items.

First, congratulations to Lyn Perry, author of ResAliens Blog, who won outright (no run-off needed) the August CSFF Top Tour Blogger Award. For those of you who missed his posts, here’s a brief run down: links to reviews and an interview with the featured author, Robin Parrish, in Lyn’s introductory post, his own review of the featured book, Offworld, and finally a link to the book trailer and an introduction of the author.

On to something more personal. I’m happy to say, I finished The Stone of Surrender, Book Three in The Lore of Efrathah. I finished the last (for now) revision yesterday and am getting it ready to send to a few readers. Then undoubtedly I’ll make another pass before printing it out and reading it through myself.

Meanwhile, it’s on to revisions of book four, Battle for the Throne. And then, this marathon project will be finished! I don’t think I’ll try another epic fantasy any time soon. 😉

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  1. So what happens to this marathon project once it’s all done being written and edited?


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