Writing Distractions

First my protagonist was slogging in the swamp, and I along with him. But the two of us no sooner got out of that mess than real life stuff started putting up speed bumps. First it was car problems, then a couple friend favors, health issues, and a series of inconveniences.

One night the electricity went out for all of maybe five seconds—just long enough to set off the answering machine so I woke up (and stayed awake far longer than I wanted to) and to mess up the digital clocks so they needed to be reset the next morning.

Another night it was a bug in the bathroom (I HATE bugs! 😮 ) and more hours of missed sleep.

Then there are the things that aren’t working quite right and will soon need to be replaced. But until then, they are … inconvenient and a distraction.

Last night my Facebook account got hacked. More inconvenience and time wasted as I worked to right things there. Then today I spent another chunk of time changing passwords at various sites to avoid more of the same. Apparently at one of the writer groups I no longer am active in, someone posted account info including passwords.

Opps! 😳 I was guilty of the thing they always tell you not to do—use the same password all the time. Mine was foolproof, I thought, so no worry. Sure, foolproof unless someone posts it publicly, then not so much!

All that to say, as I am closing in on the last revisions of The Lore of Efrathah, Book Three, now titled The Stone of Surrender, I’m besieged with these distractions—from minor to considerably time-consuming.

It reminds me of a line currently in the opening of the first Lore of Efrathah book (title is being renovated):

But what had [Jim] expected? Ever since he hurt his knee, the governing rule of his life seemed to be, If it ain’t broke, it will be soon.

Mind you, I wrote that line before the problems with the recliner and the microwave. 🙄

It’s about now I start to wonder how much of these kinds of “coincidental” interruptions, distractions, snags are purposeful plants by the enemy of our souls.

I’m not one to see spiritual warfare under every rock or in every full parking lot, but honestly, there comes a point where I start to wonder.

Does it really matter, though, if these accumulations of problems are purposeful attacks? I suppose not, except to maybe help me pray and to seek prayer support from others, something I haven’t done enough of lately.

So here it is. If God brings me to mind, and you have the nudge from His Spirit, would you please pray that the distractions and delays and snags will not slow my writing progress. Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind if they sort of disappeared. 😉

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  1. I’ll pray for you! i know how bad distractions can be sometimes!


  2. I’m praying, Beck. Praying that you will laugh in the face of danger…er…distractions, and that you will keep on fighting the good fight.

    And frankly…what kind of inconsiderate friends do you have that would ask favors of you when you are in such a critical point of the revisions and when you have so many other distractions going on?

    heh heh

    But isn’t God good? He’s in charge of both the piddling and the pounding interruptions in our lives and he will say, “Peace be still,” before the waves overwhelm us.


  3. Amy, thanks so much. That means a lot.

    And Sally, I wasn’t thinking of writing related “favors” which I don’t count as favors. I learn and grow as a writer too when I spend time studying (and/or enjoying) another writer’s work.

    And while I think some of the piddling and pounding interruptions are not from God, He certainly uses them. In this case, if nothing else, they have spurred me to ask publically for prayer. When I have a “problem free” writing day, as I did yesterday, can I do other than praise Him for answered prayer?

    So peace wins out, even amidst the fight. 😉



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