CSFF Blog Tour – Offworld, Day 2

Today is the second of three days in which CSFF members have the opportunity to talk about this month’s feature – Offworld by Robin Parrish (Bethany).

First things in their proper place 😀 : For a list of CSFF Blog Tour participants and links to their posts, when available, see my CSFF Blog Tour – Offworld, Day 1 post.

Offworld Review Part 2 (adjacent cover image courtesy of Bethany House Publishers). As I mentioned in that article, I am having “car issues,” or more accurately Smog Certification issues (the car runs fine) which most inconveniently required me to be away from my computer again this morning.

Consequently, I decided to spread my Offworld review over the three days of the tour rather than diving into other topics associated to my reading of the book. Which brings me to the strengths of the novel.

Fans of Robin Parrish’s earlier work, the Dominion Trilogy, will recognize a similar comic-bookish style in Offworld. The action is non-stop; the pace, frenetic; the near-death escapes, nail-biting.

The multiple obstacles, the interweaving of flashbacks with supernatural visions, the surprises, and the determined efforts to thwart evil actually reminded me of Bryan Davis’s more recent work. I suspect fans of Davis could easily become fans of Parrish and vice versa.

This from tour guru, John Otte:

Parrish has a compelling visual style to his writing. I often felt like I was watching an action movie. As a matter of fact, if I had to describe Parrish’s style, it’d be that of a summer tentpole movie. Lots of action, a healthy dose of explosions, and a bunch of one-liners from a smart-alecky crewmate. If I were going to pick someone to write an action blockbuster, Robin Parrish is the person I would go to.

(By the way, John is holding a contest, so if you’re interested in winning a copy of Offworld, head to his site and leave a comment to his day-two post. And don’t miss the very fun, and very traditional “Tuesday Tunes” posted by Steve Trower at Old Testament Space Opera.)

Offworld fits well into a growing number of books put out by Christian publishing houses that I would like to see renamed “clean fiction.” This is the kind of book that has high entertainment value for those wanting an action suspense story without crude language, gratuitous sex, or needless blood and gore.

Yes, there are fight scenes, but the tone lacks the seriousness of reality (hence the designation “comic-bookish”) so these scenes don’t have dark overtones.

If you’re looking for a high action summer read, Offworld just may be the book for you.

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