Let the Wrap Party Begin!

What an interesting blog tour CSFF hosted for Karen Hancock’s The Enclave! So many thoughtful posts. In all I counted eighty-five articles on forty-seven sites. That includes the posts Karen wrote at her blog.

Fred Warren had this to say about our author’s participation on the tour:

Major kudos to Karen Hancock for wading into this chocolate mess of a blog tour and mixing it up with us, both on her own blog and on ours. I’m fairly new to the tour, but this is the first time I’ve seen an author jump into the fray like this. It was refreshing, informative, and very impressive. Thanks, Karen!

As I commented to Fred, we have had other authors participate. Just last month Tom Pawlik, author of Vanish, left a fairly lengthy comment here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. In the early days of CSFF, Donita Paul visited and commented on participants’ sites, and has done so on successive tours. Wayne Thomas Batson did an exceptional job involving himself in his tour. Sigmund Brouwer left comments during the tour for Broken Angel, and I’m sure there are others.

But Fred is right—it’s been a while an author has gotten involved to the extent Karen did, and her participation really made the tour! 😀 From my observation, the tours in which the author takes an active part are by far the best ones.

The Enclave tour was good for another reason, too. Lots of participants wrote about the topics the book brought up, whether spiritual, scientific, relational, or whatever.

Once again this gives CSFF the feel of a virtual book club, with a group of readers interacting via the internet about the book we all read. I liked this … What did you think about that? … This part made me think about that movie, article, discovery, character, spiritual truth. I have to say, the tour has become more than what I’d even hoped, all because we have a great group of bloggers and talented authors like Karen Hancock writing the speculative fiction God puts on their hearts (or brings to their minds—I’m not making a statement here about how God works with all authors 🙄 ).

So, without further comment, on to this month’s CSFF Top Tour Blogger Award. Those eligible include

I’m so happy I don’t decide this by myself any more! Please vote for one. You’ll have until next Thursday, at which time I’ll put up a run-off poll if we do not have a consensus (50% or greater) winner.

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  1. Love the new action faces!


  2. 🙂 Thanks for noticing, Sis.

    I was going to comment about them. Turns out they aren’t really new. I could have been using emoticons like 😯 😳 😡 😐 😥 and 😕 but I just didn’t know it. When we had those washed out substitutes for a couple weeks, I went to the Support forums to find out what happened and came across the list. I still don’t remember them all, but I think they’re so fun to play with.

    To see a truly impressive array of emoticons, you should visit Sally Apokedak’s site.



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  7. I enjoyed it! Thanks for putting it together Becky!


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