Paul Was a Creationist

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with what we’ve been discussing, but during my personal time in the Bible this week, it dawned on me that the Apostle Paul must have been a creationist.

Clearly he viewed Genesis as a historical record. He drew parallels in numerous places between Christ and Adam (Romans 5; I Corinthians 15). None of those works if Adam was a mythical character, not an actual historical person.

Come to think of it, the writer of the book of Hebrews (some think that was Paul, too, but some think it might have been Barnabas or even Peter) also believed in the historicity of Genesis. The fundamental comparison in Hebrews is between Christ and a little-known priest/king named Melchizedek. Genesis 1 mentions him briefly, almost in passing, but clearly the New Testament believers understood him to be a historical figure and highly significant in helping people (especially Jews) understand Jesus’s role as High Priest and King.

I suppose, more important than all is that Jesus Himself understood Genesis to be history. After His resurrection, He is the one who spent time with His disciples explaining how He figured into the Law and Prophets.

Before His crucifixion, He made numerous references to David, Moses, and Abraham. In fact, in connection to Abraham, He taught about life after death. Using a mythical character for these lessons would have destroyed the very point He was making. Instead, He referenced historical figures, and mentioned their motives, their choice of a verb tense, their use of words. If Jesus knew these Old Testament people to be figments of someone’s imagination, He would have been partaking in a great fraud.

No, He, along with the writer to the Hebrews, along with the Apostle Paul, viewed the Law and the Prophets as grounded in historical fact.

So how do I get from that point to Paul was a creationist? If Paul believed Adam was a historical figure and that sin came into the world because of what Adam did, which is precisely what he says in Romans 5:12 (“Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned —”), he must have believed that Genesis 3 was historical.

Do we have reason to believe he thought Genesis 3 was factual but Genesis 2 or Genesis 1 was mythical?

Actually there’s no evidence that Paul thought any of the Old Testament was mythical. He took the Law and the Prophets to be the word of God. He based his instruction on the Word. He began his church planting by reading and discussing the Word.

Sure, some can dismiss Paul as scientifically ignorant. But one thing we can’t accurately conclude—he was spiritually ignorant.

So the question is, does rational thought negate the power of God? If after all our scientific discoveries, we say, God couldn’t have created the world the way Genesis says, isn’t that actually a reflection of our own beliefs, not of what really happened?

I mean, what we’re really saying is, I don’t see how these scientific facts and the Genesis account can both be true, so I choose known science (even though unknown science might someday prove me wrong).

In reality, Paul, who had a direct revelation of Jesus Christ, wasn’t encumbered with the restrictions of modern philosophy or with the uncertainties of postmodern philosophy. And his vast study, I’m certain, led him to be a creationist.

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  1. Why were we born? Do you know? How do you know?

    When Jesus gives us the example of childlike faith he is telling us just ask dad and he will give you the keys to the car. It is that simple however if we do not approach the “father” with childlike faith the car stays parked and no keys are presented to us, in the same way we would not let a person who does not know how to drive get behind the wheel before they are ready.

    Most people today are caught up in a god (out-there) that wants to punish you and wants you to some how burn forever if you do not see the 66 books that King James assembled their way? Who’s way? Mans way! God has nothing to do with the 1000’s of different interpretations of the 66 books. There are literally 1000’s of man made (ego/devil) interpretations of these 66 books that King James put together.

    If we get our nose and ego’s out of this book for a moment and put our eyes back on “GOD” we will begin to see that the ego can deceive us. We can not be in the Kingdom that Jesus speaks about if we have division of any sort and Saul of Tarsus new that if you divide you conquer.

    Example: Jesus tells us you do not need to work at a job to have food, clothes, a house. “God” has a plan and this thinking becomes obsolete when you know “god” and why you were born. Work is an idea put forth by man (in his ego) for the control of man. We have all been taught in error and we can only see this error if you stop doing and start “being” become a human “being” and No longer a human “doing.” And you too will see that Jesus is lighting the path to freedom from this world.

    Why was Jesus killed? How do you know? Jesus was killed because his teachings freed all the slaves, captives and any one who was in bondage. Paul the self appointed apostle that I refer too as an “insider of the Roman government” who mislead people then and continues to mislead people 2000 years later told us to believe differently.

    Who tells us slavery is OK? Jesus, NEVER!!! Paul ALWAYS!! Why? Paul is not who he claims to be; Remember he killed Stephen a true follower of Jesus. We would call Paul a betrayer or shyster of the people. He is a liar and a thief.

    Read what is attributed to Paul or Saul of Tarsus and tell me is this a follower of Jesus the Christ: “Whoever is a slave must make the best of it, giving respect to his master so that outsiders don’t blame God and our teaching for his behavior. Slaves with Christian masters all the more so—their masters are really their beloved brothers!”

    How can we love our enemies and own slaves? Paul was obviously NOT A SLAVE! With the teachings of Paul you remain a slave to your master, to the government and to the world! With Jesus you become FREE from this world. Saul is teaching a worldly control and follow message just as our leaders today do about war. It is not true we are in a religious war because of the devil within us all. Why do we always have to be right and EVERYONE else who does not believe like I do wrong? INSANE! You can not see or experience Jesus until you surrender the ego. This is only DONE by being what JESUS told us to be and that is LOVERS! NOT SLAVE OWNERS! Please do not leave a message here and try and rationalize Saul’s message he is a liar and a thief and you will only understand this when you are No Longer afraid “God” will send you To HELL FOREVER for questioning why you believe the way you do. In modern day vernacular we have been “brainwashed” conversion is another word for “brainwashing” the ego will not let you see this AND it can only be seen if YOU QUIET THE EGO!! Seek the father and the devil will flee.

    I too never saw the difference between Saul and Jesus while I was in church listening and NOT THINKING for my self. Where did the Phariseesget there answers? The same place most people get there answers today, yea a book, Or today TV.

    Jesus was telling us we can walk on water and Saul is telling us if someone OWNS us and makes us do what they want us to do it is OK. UNREAL!! Thank you God for Abraham Lincoln seeing that Saul was a lair and a false messenger. Many of the slave owners in America pointed to this very verse in the bible to say,” Hey Abe your wrong slavery is OK and it is OK that we own and control slaves (HUMAN BEINGS) Saul tells us so in the bible.”

    Saul is a snake, he is a self appointed apostle, Not a follower of Jesus. I understand this may anger the ego to learn that Saul’s teachings were diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus. However the truth is the only way to be free. We have to remember who Saul was and what his mission was. It was to destroy the teachings of Jesus and he has done just that for most bible believing Christians.

    Think about this…. there are people who go to church every week and have done so for many years of their lives and they love Jesus but if they do not believe as others want them to believe they are going to burn in hell as Saul said NO WAY. Are all Mormons going to hell? Are all Muslims going to hell? Are all Hindus going to hell? Are all Catholics going to hell? Are all J.W. going to hell. Are you doing to hell? Why are you Ok and they are NOT?

    Because your interpretation is correct and there is NOT!

    Saul never new Jesus. Why do most people follow Saul and not Jesus? This is a form of mind control in the same way most people believe the official 911 story or why we are in war in Iraq. It all goes back to the EGO or devil as Jesus called that part of us that is just not right but evil. If you feel that you have power over someone else or you are somehow smarter than someone else because you know a book better than they do it IS A LIE! We all have the same knowledge at our disposal. EinsteinDID NOT GET HIS INFO FROM A BOOK! Jesus was always telling the Pharisees YOU HAVE THE BOOK KNOWLEDGE but you do not know the “FATHER” to whom I speak about. The ego got in the way. Here was a 30 year old man who had located “God” the “Father” and wanted everyone to know and theydiscounted him because they would not do as he advised them to do. Jesus never said if you do not listen to me, the “Father” I speak of will send you to a hell to burn forever NO WAY. COM ON!! WAKE UP!! You have the answers to every question you ask if you ASK, you have not because you ask not; ASK THE FATHER YOUR QUESTIONS about life, get some answers do not take Saul’s word as the “Word of GOD” it is NOT!!

    Lets look at hell for a moment. We do not even know why we were born. Where we came from, where we are going when we leave. We often judge and say that poor soul was not saved he is burning in hell. WHO TOLD YOU? The Father that Jesus speaks about; did THE FATHER TELL YOU? Of course not. God the Father is Love and love is the answer too all your life’s issues NOT RELIGION or your beliefs if they differ from some one elses beliefs. How did you come to believe that Jesus is telling the truth? How did you come to think Saul is tellling the truth? They both can not be right. Slavery is right or wrong? Not RIGHT AND WRONG!

    We are eternal spiritual beings. We will not spend eternity in a virtual oven because we disappointed the creator of our souls HE MAKES NO MISTAKES not with you or some follower of the Sun in some remote part of this world. God loves us all and fear is of Man not of God your creator.

    Lets all get back to being childlike and not know-it-alls and we too will have the peace and freedom that Jesus so desperately wanted us to know about.

    Love and continued Light,



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