Knowing the Incomprehensible God, continued

I find it awesome that God wants us to know Him. Humbling, and yet inspiring. The God of the Universe, loves me? Loves me so much that He willingly took on my sin? It sounds like a fairy tale.

And of course, some people say it is. God isn’t real, they say. Or Jesus wasn’t really God. But more recently, the claims are things like, We have the capacity within us to become whatever we want to be. And, If God does exist, surely he is all about love and would never push anyone away.

From atheism to universalism, the real problem is not taking God at His word.

Unless the Incomprehensible makes Himself known, we haven’t got a chance of actually entering into a relationship with Him. He is unapproachable Light. He is the Consuming Fire. And yet He declares His desire to adopt us into His family, to give us the privileges of sons, to restore the communion Adam once had with God.

Except, He’s given us more. Adam knew God as Spirit, walking with him in the garden. We can know God, first as Incarnate, having lived in the flesh among us, and then, because He left, as Indwelling Holy Spirit.

Indwelling! That thought sometimes overwhelms me.

Wayne Thomas Batson, in his first series of YA fantasies, The Door Within, utilized the phrase, Never alone. To me that is the most accurate description of the life of the Christian. We are never alone because God with us became God in us.

How, how, how? How do we know this? How could it be?

How we know is because God told us. That’s the part that the atheists and the universalists miss. They don’t want to take God at His word. They want to pretend that He didn’t say what He said in the Bible or that He didn’t mean what He meant.

And how could it be? Only because God is more than incomprehensible. He is also omnipotent and infinite. Just and holy and pure, too, which again brings up the how question. How can a Holy God have communion with sin-seeped creatures?

Well, God took care of that too. Because of Jesus—His willingness to become the recipient of God’s wrath on my behalf—God clothes me in righteousness. I stand clean before Him and He calls me His.

Wow! What can I do but fall on my face at His feet.

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