Open Letter to an Atheist

I wrote a response to Matt who commented to my post about Science and the Bible but then, not knowing if Matt would ever return to A Christian Worldview of Fiction and read what I wrote, I decided to turn my thoughts into an open letter.

In Matt’s comment, he quoted a line from my post—But to get to that place, a person also has to discount God’s omnipotence—then states that all a person really has to do is start out from a neutral position and follow the evidence. In so doing, he claims, you will not find God. Now my response to his response. 😀

Hi, Matt,

Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate lively discussion about important issues.

I have to disagree with your idea, however, that anyone comes to the discussion about God’s existence from a “neutral starting point.” There really is no such thing. A person comes to the issue first either believing that the supernatural exists or that it does not. If a person accepts a belief in the supernatural, then the idea that there has to be natural proof of it seems somewhat silly.

Be that as it may, there are natural evidences, if not proofs, but once again, anyone disbelieving in the supernatural will have some other answer for those evidences. It’s all based on your starting point.

I get that no atheist can understand what I’m saying in the last post. Since you don’t believe in God, the idea of an omnipotent God is beyond your imagination. In essence, as I’ve said before in so many words, it seems to me that atheists think too small and by doing so limit their understanding.

Let’s suppose for a minute that I said I don’t believe in gravity. How would you prove gravity’s existence to me? You’ve never seen it. I dare say any facts you give me would be nothing more than a repetition of what some scientist has written. Now let’s also suppose that I came up with a theory that explains why all things fall, thereby “debunking the myth” of gravity. Let’s suppose a growing number of people found my theory credible and began to teach it as The Way Things Are.

Would any of that negate the reality of gravity?

Please don’t come back and tell me that this analogy isn’t at all like people disbelieving God because you have physical, tangible evidence that gravity exists.

I also have physical, tangible evidence that God exists. As I said, atheists explain away this evidence and claim that their Other Theory explains what I attribute to God.

So you see, we are at an impasse, unless you or any other atheist is willing to think outside your box and entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe there is a supernatural realm, beyond any physical means of “proving” its existence.

What I find so intriguing, though, is the atheist belief that science is capable of exploring and revealing all there is to know, especially in light of the colossal errors in thinking down through the ages. That alone should give any reasoning person pause to at least consider the possibility that just maybe there is One greater than Man, Someone who transcends time and space, matter and energy.

In ants could talk, do you think they would acknowledge humans? Highly unlikely. Our relationship to God isn’t much different if you wrote it as an analogy: an ant is to man as man is to God. The difference is that God chooses to make Himself known to Man. Now it’s up to Man to look with an open mind at the possibility that God does in fact exist.

Saying, Prove his existence, is not an open mind. As I’ve already pointed out, any proof I offer will meet with skeptical explanation. That’s not at all the same as saying, maybe God does exist and I’m going to see if what He claims to say about Himself could actually be true.

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