What’s So Important about the Bible?

I grew up singing a song in Sunday school that went like this:

The B-I-B-L-E,
Yes, that’s the book for me.
I stand alone on the Word of God
The B-I-B-L-E.

I admit, I didn’t like the “stand alone” part, but that’s because I heard it as “I alone” rather than “the Bible alone.” The former didn’t seem so far off. In school, I knew precious few others who would say they “stood on the Bible.”

Since those childhood days, I’ve come to understand that there are some very good reasons to stand on the Bible, whether others do so or not. This kind of discussion, however, is bound to generate another question: How do we know the Bible is true, that it is, in fact, reliable if I stand upon it?

That’s a question that must be answered. It’s central to the Christian faith because the Bible is central to the Christian faith. And seemingly, the Bible is under attack, from inside the church as much as from without.

Non-Christians simply dismiss it. “Fantasy” the readers of a Washington Post article said—referring to the Bible, not the Christian fiction the article discussed.

But Christians influenced by postmodern thought are also diluting Truth because of their attitude toward and handling of the Bible.

So first, I want to address why a right understanding of the Bible is important. The short answer is, God is important and the Bible is His Word. But there are some specifics that are helpful to understand.

The following points are in no specific order. Much of this information I gleaned from a sermon Pastor Chuck Swindoll preached years ago.

The Bible is important because it is
1. … infallible in total. The message it conveys is a message of truth.
2. … inerrant in its parts. In the original, every word was without error—perfect revelation from and about our perfect God.
3. … complete. There haven’t been and won’t be add-ons—other written revelation. God is omniscient and knows what we need in order for us to enter into relationship with Him. He’s revealed this to us in Scripture.
4. … authoritative. God is sovereign—the King of kings—and the Bible is His declaration to Mankind, not to be capriciously picked through or amended.
5. … sufficient. We do not need the Bible plus tradition or the Bible plus some church leader’s opinion or declaration. God, the author of the Word, is righteous. He gives all we need to know for life and godliness.
6. … effective. God is omnipotent. His Word will accomplish what He intends.
7. … determinative. God is Truth. What He says, stands. His Word is settled in Heaven. Consequently, my response to the message of the Bible determines my eternal destiny.

Why is the Bible important? Let me ask it this way. Would a personal letter from the President be important? How about one from the love of your life? How about one that says you’ve been accepted by the college of your choice? Or one from your boss describing the terms of your new contract?

The Bible is all of this and more. It reveals God—His person and plan, His will and His way. As a coffee-table book, the Bible is like any other dust magnet. There is nothing magical about it. But when I read and study it as God’s Word, it is of life-changing importance.

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