February CSFF Top Blogger Award

Well, choosing a CSFF Top Blogger is getting ridiculously hard! The posts about Cyndere’s Midnight this month are excellent, from top to bottom. Plus we have so many who are eligible—sixteen who posted all three days of the tour (though mine automatically isn’t eligible) and forty total participating blogs.

Last month I gave a week to let readers peruse all the posts, but I don’t think we gained voters, so this month I’ll put the poll up right away. Maybe with the material fresh in visitors’ minds, it will be easier to vote.

One more thing. Since there are so many deserving blogs, consider which in your opinion displayed originality and creativity and depth. Maybe that will help.

Also, the poll isn’t set up for fifteen slots. I narrowed the field down (sometime I should get the author to help with this), but if I didn’t include the blogger you think most deserving, you can vote in the “other” category and leave a comment specifying who you wish to vote for. (And if you wish your vote to be private, email me or leave a comment asking me to email you).

Without further blather from me, here are your finalists and the links to their posts:

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