Is God Cruel, Deceptive, or Incompetent?

In case you missed it, Randy C left a comment today to the January 30 post, Creation Is the Crux. In it he said

I’ve always felt that creationism is actually an anti-God belief system. It requires a God that is cruel, deceptive and not very competent.

He ended by saying that creationists don’t actually love God, they just love the Bible.

This was an interesting position, one I’ve never heard before. What I found curious, though, is that our friend Randy dismissed the Fall as the cause for the ills he ascribed to God—death and violence, the extinction of a huge portion of the identified species, and evidence pointing away from the truth.

In many ways, ignoring the Fall and it’s effects on the world is like saying you want to find out who the person is writing this blog, but the picture and bio in the sidebar aren’t valid, so you need to use your own method of discovering who this author is.

The point is, the Bible tells us the Fall, in fact, did change the world. It also tells us that the resulting sin caused God to bring judgment, a cataclysmic flood that changed our planet in untold ways. Not to mention that the most reasonable explanation of the flood seems to be the release of waters in our atmosphere and under the earth’s core that would have altered the climate and the seismic activity in radical ways that evolutionists don’t, and probably can’t, take into consideration.

The easiest answer is to dismiss these events as fable. No Fall, flood, no explanation of the things we see except the theories Man comes up with. Why? Why would we discount such evidence?

The answer certainly isn’t scientific. The evidence is ignored because it stems from a source these particular scientists disbelieve—divine revelation. Another fact so often ignored is that an increasingly vocal group of scientists believe in the Biblical records and include them in their view of the other evidence.

With this approach, all of nature clearly supports the existence of a designer, a Creator, a transcendent, self-existent, all powerful Person who, for some incomprehensible reason, loves the very people who spit in His face.

How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling.
– Jesus (Matt. 23:37

No, God isn’t cruel, deceptive, or incompetent. The world He created was perfect. The environment, the communion between God and Man, the relationship between the people. Death did not exist.

Rather than looking at the world and thinking that God is cruel, deceptive or incompetent, I look at the Fall and realize how ugly and all pervading and horrific sin is. How it wreaked havoc on creation. How it introduced death. And doubt.

Creationists love the God of the Bible because He shows Himself to be kind, true, immensely capable, and the world is evidence of His character. The ugly stuff? Evidence of ours.

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