January CSFF Top Blogger Poll

Time for you to vote! We actually had eleven bloggers who were initially eligible for the monthly award, but I culled the group because I thought the poll would become unwieldy. My apologies to anyone I omitted who felt they deserved to be considered.

Here are the finalists with links to their posts (click on each check mark to go to a specific post):

Now you get to voice your opinion. 😉

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  5. […] would be so grateful if you’d take some time this weekend to look over the eligible blogs and vote. Poll closes on Monday. Thank […]


  6. No fair! ha ha You said it closed on Monday, On Monday I was a whopping 11 percent ahead of the next contender.


    Just because they weren’t smart enough to know they could vote again…

    Now you’ve done it, because you’re going to end up with another tie. I was trying to bail you out with my vote last night.


  7. Well, the poll closed and there was a four-way tie. Four way! I’m sorry, but that made it just too hard to give an award. Not that all four of you aren’t deserving, mind you. I thought this was one of the best tours ever, in part because the quality of the content was so high.

    Anyway, I went ahead and added some time for a tie-breaker. I thought it only fair to let the people whose votes didn’t count participate in the tie-breaker.



  8. […] We have a tie for our January blogger award. If you haven’t yet voted, please take a moment to do so. Also, if you voted for someone not involved in the tie, you may vote again—go to https://rebeccaluellamiller.wordpress.com/2009/02/02/january-csff-top-blogger-poll/ […]


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