Creation Is the Crux

Time and again the Bible makes reference to God creating the world. Psalm 124: 8 is an example:

Our help is in the name of the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

It seems to me that denying creation immediately removes God from His throne. At best he would be co-equal with the universe, but not over it.

As Creator, God is clearly identified as transcendent. Moreover, His ownership of all is beyond dispute, since clearly what is made belongs to He who made it.

So is it any wonder that the very fact of creation has come under attack in the last couple hundred years? Think about it. If you want to cut down a tree, you don’t start with the top most branches. You slice away at the base, and if you really want to kill it, you go after the roots.

In essence this attack on creation is clear evidence that we are involved in a good-versus-evil struggle.

With no clear answer for the questions of life (why am I here, how do I know what is right and wrong, what will happen to me after, do I make a difference), those opposed to God nevertheless declared Him dead or irrelevant, and certainly not enthroned in the heavens. He is, to them, a fantasy, conjured up by poor fools too ignorant or to scared to read a science book.

But those opposed to God reach such conclusions without any basis. They dismiss God as Creator because they think life more likely came about because of spontaneous combustion and a few trillion years of positive change, though science says the universe has a propensity to destabilize, not organize.

Never mind that such belief leaves Mankind without a moral compass, without purpose, and without a destiny.

In other words, the silliness put out for people to believe in opposition to creation provides no answers to the key philosophical questions. Instead, by denying God His rightful place and stripping Man of the answers to the questions of life, this denial of creation creates a void.

No God on His throne. No meaning to life.

But voids, like vacuums, seem to fill of necessity. Of late, it seems that Man has stepped up to be his own god. After all, no one made him. He simply came about, then figured it out. And meaning? To be happy and die with the most toys.

Who would choose such a view of life over that provided by the Bible: that Man is made in the image of God, loved by Him to the point that He satisfied His own requirements, paying for our sin, to establish an unending kinship with us. We who know His Son as Savior have eternal significance and enduring security. Here and now we enjoy the love of our Creator who identifies Himself as our Father and we have the delight of community with our brothers and sisters of like mind. Add to that the hope we have of everlasting life in His presence.

Two views. On the one hand, belief that we came from nothing, with no purpose, and we’re going nowhere. On the other, the belief that we have been created for communion, assigned a mission, and will live forever. The two worldviews are stark, stark contrasts.

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