The Lost Genre Guild on Tour, Day 1

First, I want to apologize for my unannounced absence. It was unintentional, believe me. I’ve been battling the flu this past week, so blogging took a back seat, as I’m sure you understand.

I’m happy to come back this week to put a spotlight on the Lost Genre Guild as part of the CSFF Blog Tour. As you know, the tour usually features a fairly recent Christian speculative release by a traditional publisher, but from time to time we shift the focus to online endeavors that also promote the genre. Among others, we have featured Christian Fandom, The Sword Review, Mindflights, Wayfarer’s Journal, WhereTheMapEnds, and most recently, Marcher Lord Press. What these diverse sites have in common is Christian speculative fiction.

So, too, the Lost Genre Guild, the conception of Frank Creed and Daniel Weaver. Here is a mission statement:

The Lost Genre Guild’s mission is to promote quality works of Biblical Speculative Fiction (spec-fic) through its authors, fans; to endorse new releases that fit this criteria; and of course, to glorify Him.

As near as I can piece the development of the Guild, Frank started the group as an online place for writers who shared a similar passion for the genre to converse. The original members all belonged to Daniel’s critique group and from those members came the idea to publish an anthology of short stories. This endeavor became Light at the Edge of Darkness, edited by Cynthia MacKinnon and published by The Writers’ Cafe Press.

Since then, the Guild has taken off as an online gathering place for writers and fans of Biblical speculative fiction, with a forum, a blog, and any number of affiliated groups.

So for the next couple days, I’ll be exploring some issues that the Guild raises. Of course, we have a good number of participants on this tour, so I recommend you take some of your down time, now that the Christmas rush has slowed to the New Years steady stream, and stop by to read what these bloggers are saying:

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