A Christian Worldview of the Church, Part 3

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You might be wondering why I’m delving into Revelation and John’s writing about the seven churches. I mentioned this topic has been on my mind. For a couple reasons, actually. This month I have an article coming out in Victorian Homes magazine about a series of Tiffany stained glass widows depicting the seven angels from this passage. Writing the article made me take a closer look at what these verses say.

In addition, I’ve started praying for the church in America and decided, since I know from the passage in Revelation what God wants or doesn’t want for these churches, those might be good things to pray about. So I’ve looked at several of the warnings. As I’m writing, I realize it is just important to pray for the areas of strength the seven churches displayed because we don’t necessarily have those things as strengths in the Church today.

Detouring back to the verses about Smyrna, the main concern seems clear: do not fear. How appropriate for the Church today. Not just because the economy isn’t healthy. Not just because society isn’t healthy. The Revelation passage makes it clear that persecution was on the way. And certainly numerous places throughout the world today face persecution. Should we who still worship in freedom not take on the responsibility to pray that our brothers and sisters who face abuse and imprisonment and ostracism and prejudice will not be afraid?

Seems like the least we can do, though by praying we actually are doing the greatest intervention possible.

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