Recognition-of-God’s-Provision Day, AKA Thanksgiving

Our Founding Fathers would have done well to name the holiday associated with the harvest Recognition-of-God’s-Provision Day, but I suppose to them it was self-evident that life and the food to sustain it was granted by God, and therefore it was He they should thank.

Revisionist history and a culture that buried God decades ago have gradually remade the holiday, first as a family time, as an opportunity to thank those in your life you love, but ultimately as a time to enjoy food and football.

I wish I did more to reverse that trend even in my own life. Interestingly, last Monday in my local paper, the Whittier Daily News, in the “Talk Back” column, a panel of high school students was asked, “Do you think the spirit of Thanksgiving is alive and well in today’s world?”

The last published comments were by Daniel Wilson of Whittier High School:

George Washington called for the first national day of Thanksgiving to thank God for his mercy and to ask for forgiveness. It is not the mailman or cable TV guy we should thank—though no one does—but God, who gives every good and perfect gift. Political correctness is devouring true Thanksgiving, as American families reunite for turkey—and not for thanks.

Wow, Daniel Wilson!

I’d like to shake that young man’s hand. He’s taken a public stand—very public—but I suspect this isn’t the first time. I suspect that those who really know Daniel may have heard him say other politically incorrect things about God, possibly that it is He who created life. Or that He is sovereign over all. Maybe that He loves Mankind which is why He provides.

Yahweh-jireh. All praise be His, and abundant thanks, for He continues to provide, not just in this life, but for the next.

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