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youvebeentaggedSo there you have it, a new version of an old meme—except for one writerly alteration which makes it altogether different: the “random facts” have to be book related. Well, I’m game. This version, by the way, comes via Kim over at Window to My World.

1. My parents read to me as far back as I can remember, and so did my sister and eventually my teachers.

2. One of my favorite books as a wee little tyke was Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. That and The Little Engine Who Could.

3. One of the earliest book series I fell in love with was The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. I even read the Island Stallion series though I never connected as completely with them, though I loved the idea of a secret part of an island. A similar concept may have cropped up in The Lore of Efrathah. 😉

4. When I was in junior high, I arrived at school an hour early (carpool issues), and hung out in the school library where I encountered a whole new world of books.

5. My sixth grade teacher read us Kon-tiki (Thor Heyerdahl), White Fang (Jack London), and The Trumpeter of Krakow (a Newbery Medal winner by Eric P. Kelly). Quite an eclectic collection, but I loved them all.

6. I became a Nancy Drew fan.

7. My brother challenged me to read more meaty books on my own, prompting me to read Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austin), still one of my favorite books.

So now I get the fun of tagging seven more people:

Sally Apokedak
Eric Reinhold
Christopher and Allan Miller
Rich Bullock
Val Comer
Tina Kulesa
Frank Creed

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