CSFF Blog Tour – Marcher Lord Press, Day 3

Not long ago, one of my neighbors requested a list of Christian fantasies I could recommend for teens. Just yesterday he commented that when he had mentioned some titles to the interested teen, she replied that she’d read all those.

Whenever I hear such scenarios, I shake my head and wonder why publishers don’t understand that readers can manage more than one book every year. And that the answer is NOT to require popular authors to write three a year. Even if the quality were good, and that is debatable, readers still want more. Consequently, for a publisher to decide not to pick up other authors who write similar works seems odd to me.

In a little over a week, eight Christian fantasy authors will embark on a tour of the West Coast. And the surprising thing is, all of them come from different publishing houses. Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy that there are eight publishing houses (there are actually more) that have produced Christian fantasy. But what if each house had three or four authors instead of one? There are exceptions, of course, notably WaterBrook.

But here’s the point. Marcher Lord Press, besides being innovative in its approach to producing the books, is also innovative in its selection of content. Here’s the entire description:

Whether it’s fantasy you love, or science fiction, time travel, chillers, supernatural thrillers, alternate history, spiritual warfare, superhero, vampire, or technothriller—if it’s speculative and it comes from the Christian worldview, Marcher Lord Press is your publisher.

No romance, no literary fiction, no historical or contemporary. The books MLP will publish have a peculiar distinction because they embrace what many other Christian publishers seem only to tolerate.

Perhaps, then, voracious Christian speculative readers will at long last have the kind of selection that romance readers have enjoyed for the past three decades. Perhaps MLP’s success will foster an increase in similar titles from all the publishers. Perhaps there will actually be a resurgence in competition when it comes to books.

Well, an author can dream, can’t she? 😉

Of course, we’ll never know unless MLP succeeds. The only way that will happen is if people buy their books. There are three launching in October—Hero, Second Class by first-time novelist Mitchell Bonds, The Personifid Invasion by R. E. Bartlett, and Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy by Theodore Beale. You can find a sample of each book at the MLP Web site. Just click on the book title link.

OK, time to tour. Check out what others in CSFF are saying about Marcher Lord Press.

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