No, this is not a rant against anyone for some inconsiderate, insensitive, uncharitable act. It means I have no particular thoughts I think readers here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction might be interested in.

I thought about writing up the dog incident that happened this morning, though for the life of me, I can’t come with a solid connection to writing or the Christian worldview.

I thought about gathering bits and pieces of news, reviews, and other people’s views, but that seems too time consuming.

My big emphasis of late has been an editing job I’m working on, my crit group (which I neglected for about six months, so I owe them big time!), and my work on The Lore of Efrathah. And blogging! I’m not forgetting my loyal readers here.

But what I’m experiencing is the difficulty of balancing that many priorities, all requiring a good chunk of time. Still, that hasn’t affected my blogging before. Rather, what I’m finding is, my mind is on either my projects or some other topic I don’t cover here at ACWOF. (I know it is a shocking revelation, but I do think of other things besides writing and Christianity. 😮 )

So for today, I’ll dribble out a few of these and you’ll see how thought-less I am today:

Soooooo excited that the Denver Broncos trounced the Oakland Raiders last night. Wish I had cable and could have seen the game.

If the plumber shows up tomorrow, my bathroom will be torn up for how long?

I’m hoping the magazine article I’m working on turns out good, but I haven’t heard from my primary source yet! (Did he get my questions?)

I’m enjoying the presidential campaign at last. The coverage is the best part of the nightly news, but I usually think of a couple letters to the editor I want to write after I’ve watched it.

Speaking of letters to the editor, one opinion columnist (once upon a time these pieces were called editorials, written by the editor of the paper. Now anyone with strong views and a good turn of words can have a column) came out with a defense against “right wing” accusations of bias. It was ironic because I just watched a rerun of Saturday Night Live this weekend in which the actors did a spoof of a media-run debate between Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nothing right wing about the position, certainly, but clearly the spot poked fun at the media for the love affair they had (have?) with Obama. Perhaps this “journalist” needs to take a crash course on propaganda!

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