We Have Winners

Multiple winners have emerged from the just-concluded CSFF Blog Tour for Donita Paul’s latest release, DragonLight.

Starting with the CSFF tour itself. Thirty-nine bloggers participated in the tour, with a higher number than ever posting all three days.

Fantasy won too. Of the thirty-seven individual sites participating, a whopping forty percent where run by men. For those of you who know that the audience for Christian fiction is supposedly eighty percent women, you quickly see the fantasy tour had a better 60/40 gender balance. Christian fantasy, I conclude, is drawing in the untapped male market, but not losing women readers.

DragonLight won. On the list of Popular Books on Technorati, DragonLight landed in the number one spot on Tuesday before dropping to number four (where it still remains, behind three books by James Scott Bell, CFBA’s featured author). Impossible to know what part the CSFF tour played on DragonLight‘s Amazon ranking, but it dropped from the 8000’s a week ago to 4500 today, and the seven-day ranking was another thousand points lower (the shrinking number being better).

The DragonKeeper Chronicles won. Numerous bloggers reviewed the earlier books, re-read them, recommended them, and even bought them. Three of the five had a significant dip in their Amazon ranking—again something the tour may or may not have affected.

Participant bloggers won. Good discussion went on at a number of sites. My own visitor numbers spiked. Comments from our featured author, Donita Paul spoke directly to what the bloggers commented—a plus for those regularly visiting the sites.

Of course, one particular participant won. I’m referring to the recipient of the CSFF Top Tour Blogger Award for July 2008. This was another tough, tough decision because we had some excellent discussion, some posts with creative content, and views that were well thought out. But for his Four posts, including the “0 Day” recap of the earlier DragonKeeper books, the award goes to John Otte.

Which brings us to our final winner. I held a What’s Wrong with This Picture contest, and the winner who first correctly identified the fact that Donita has in fact written for children was Katie Hart, one of our CSFF Blog Tour charter members. As a prize, she will receive one of the specialty t-shirts provided by our author.

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