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Today’s contest is part of the CSFF tour for DragonLight by Donita Paul (WaterBrook). If you’ve been visiting the other participants or if you’ve read interviews with Donita in the past or visited her web site, you probably already know quite a bit about her. So this is a chance for you to put your knowledge to work (and maybe learn one or two other tidbits along the way).

By way of reminder, your goal is to find the ONE incorrect fact in this post about Donita. The first person to email me with the correct answer at rluellam at yahoo dot com will win a t-shirt from Donita. So here we go.

Donita Kathleen Paul was born November 20, 1950, in Lawrence, Kansas, to Arthur Norman and Elnora Evelyn Foster Paul. In childhood, Donita read avidly. Her treat each week was a trip to the local discount store with her father where he bought her a book for $1.25.

She had three older brothers, David, Stephen, and Jon—one to hold her feet, one to hold her arms, and one to tickle their little sister. When she was five, one brother tried to kill her [Note: this is hyperbole] by shooting her with an archery arrow when they were playing Indians. Actually, she knows now this event was an accident and probably more her fault than his.

Her best friend was a Jewish girl. Donita was devastated to learn that Martha would not be celebrating Christmas with her and that she would not be celebrating Hanukah with Martha. However, Donita’s mother, a farm gal who furthered her education through fiction, made some adjustments on their end.

At age 13 Donita began teaching Sunday school, perhaps a hint of what the future held. She graduated from high school in 1968 and from the University of Houston in 1973 with a BS in Elementary Education.

She then became an elementary teacher, working in both public and private schools, until she retired in 1996. She also homeschooled her own two children who are now grown. Her daughter is married and has children of her own, making Donita a proud grandmother.

Currently she lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Because of working with young people, Donita considered writing for teens but eventually abandoned the idea. She first published fiction as a romance writer in 1999 under the name Kathleen Paul. Her fantasy series, the DragonKeeper Chronicles, followed, with DragonSpell releasing in 2004.

Donita credits Robert Jordan as having the biggest influence on her move to fantasy, but her mother also challenged her to write something different. When her critique group turned thumbs down to her first fantasy effort, she accepted this as another challenge and kept at it.

When giving new writers advice, she says first to read, read, read, then to write, write, write. She also advises going to a writers’ conference and reading good how-to books.

Her personal favorite is The Key by James. M. Frey. She has also attended such conferences as the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference and in 2006 a Donald Maass writing seminar where she learned the importance of tension on every page.

Her main project at the moment is A New Tail about an emerlindian young lady who has held her home together during her father’s absence only to discover she must undo some of the measures taken to pay the mortgage.

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So, did you find it? The one glaring error that can win you one of Donita’s fun t-shirts? If you spotted it, hurry on over to email your answer to rluellam at yahoo dot com. By the way, unless you say otherwise, I will take your entry in the contest as permission to pass along your email address to Donita in the event that you are the winner.

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