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The Review. Yes, you’ll need to wait one more day for The Contest. (:-D – I’m trying to sharpen my suspense skills.) And of course, I’m referring to a review of Donita Paul’s novel DragonLight, fifth in the DragonKeeper Chronicles (WaterBrook).

Because this is the last of the series, many readers coming to DragonLight will want to spend some time with the helps provided—a nice map and cast of characters in the front and a glossary of terms in the back. Understandably, DragonLight brings in many of the characters from the earlier books as part of the conclusion of the series. Without knowing these characters, much of the import of this book may be lost.

The story is enjoyable. It is another quest tale, one of Ms. Paul’s best, in my opinion. The characters set out to find the hidden meech colony and aren’t deterred from that goal, though many complications arise. More so than in other DragonKeeper books, these complications interconnect with the overarching goal and this gives a completeness to the story. I also found the antagonist to be truly menacing—a worthy opponent for the assembled forces.

The strength of DragonLight, as with the other books in the series, is the characters, in my opinion. And by “characters” I’m including the dragons. No race of the many races in the series is so well developed as the minor dragons.

When it seems Ms. Paul could not come up with another job for the little, lovable beasties, up pops the protector dragon, completely different from any of the others. These minor dragons, above all else, create the DragonKeeper world of Amara as a unique place. They add the texture that stamps these books and sets them apart from any other.

The other characters develop during this book more than in any other, too. Kale, Toopka certainly, and Gilda, are different at the end of the story. They change in significant ways that I won’t mention here because I don’t want to give spoilers.

Another thing I thought was especially strong about this book was the theme. Or more accurately, themes. There are some obvious spiritual threads running through the story. Dependence upon Wulder is key. Changed lives is another. Even for Holt, a fairly minor character. But there is the equally significant theme regarding spiritual heritage and false teaching and the steps away from the Truth that can snowball into apostasy. For a book I termed “light fantasy” in my post at Spec Faith there are some exceedingly thought-provoking ideas to consider.

Is DragonLight a perfect book? No, like most it has a few weaknesses. The end seems rushed to me. Some of the significant action happens off stage. The numerous obstacles seem to resolve in amazingly easy ways.

But in the end, these shortcomings don’t deter from the enjoyment. This book, this series, is truly one of the fun fantasies. I highly recommend DragonLight to all fantasy readers.

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