The Chief Means of Marketing, Part 4

Be interesting, or be invisible.” So said Andy Sernovitz as part of his golden rule for business in his book Word of Mouth Marketing.

What an important principle for writers! Just the other day, fantasy author Karen Hancock blogged about a book she was to read in order to provide an endorsement. The problem was, she couldn’t get into the book. Not “engaging” we say, which is a code word for interesting.

I’ve thought about this topic some, wondering how it is some people can write about things I have no interest in at all and they make them sound so fascinating, I’m only sorry there isn’t more on the subject.

I wish I was a witty writer. I know of several humor writers that can turn prose into insightful laughter. Undoubtedly I’d even have a few more repeat visitors here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction if I could just say what I wanted to say about marketing but do it so that readers would be holding their sides (rather than rubbing sleep from their eyes 😀 ).

But here’s the thing. Don’t we all think we’re interesting? I mean, I never intentionally sit down to the computer thinking, How can I bore my readers today? I never write a story knowing the editor probably has seen sixty dozen just like it already.

How do we know if what we’re writing is fresh, new, interesting? Isn’t that the key to avoid being invisible?

One writer who definitely is NOT invisible is Donita Paul. The last volume of her DragonKeeper Chronicles, DragonLight will be on the CSFF Blog Tour in ten short days, and you’ll have the chance to learn all about Donita, the series, and this book in particular.

In the mean time, I’d like to think about being interesting. What makes a blog post interesting?

What makes a novel interesting?

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