The United States has reached one. Today is the day we celebrate the birth of our nation 232 years ago. Certainly that is a milestone, one deserving of recognition. Apart from patriotic songs and loud, colorful fireworks, I’m not sure what else goes into the recognition of the day, however. Baseball maybe, or a backyard barbecue.

What I wish we’d do is reassess what we’ve become since 1776. How have our goals changed? How do we measure up to what the founders were aiming to create? Now that kind of a self-evaluation would make for a meaningful milestone, I think.

But actually, I have a couple other milestones in mind today. Just last week I reached the 600 posts milestone here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. Six hundred posts! If in each of those, I stayed with my target length of 400 words (mostly I go on longer), that means I have written the equivalent of two fairly large books. I think I need to do that reassessing thing.

The other milestone I want to mention is for the CSFF Blog Tour. I noted on Tuesday we’ll be featuring Donita Paul’s DragonLight (WaterBrook) this month—especially appropriate as CSFF moves into the third year of our existence, since Donita’s DragonKnight was the first book we toured.

It’s easy to do an assessment of the CSFF tour. Recently we added a FAQ section to our About page. Putting that together necessitated some institutional examination. I have to say, for the most part, I like the direction we’re headed. What I’d like to see change is more bloggers posting all three days of a tour, more posts interacting with posts from other participants, more comments, and more participants.

Over all, however, I think CSFF is making progress toward our goals. And that’s an answer to prayer, pure and simple.

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