It’s a Wrap

Another blog tour winding down, on its way to beddy-bye. I’ve enjoyed the content from the participating bloggers this month as much as any other tour. Each interview was unique, reviews were honest, opinions thoughtful, and very, very little canned content anywhere to be seen.

I’ll tell you, this is what I love about CSFF Blog Tours. I come to the designated tour dates with some familiarity with the book, author, or Web site, and what I want is to learn something new. Or find out what others who interacted with the material thought. Sometimes I have to rethink my position. Sometimes, I have to strengthen my reasons in order to explain and maintain my position. Often other bloggers raise issues I never thought of.

And all the while, I’m learning more about these amazing people who participate on the tour. Many are writers but not all. Without exception, they are busy people who selflessly give their time to make a blog tour work. Oh, sure, there are small rewards: a free book perhaps, though not always; increased blog traffic, though that’s not a guarantee at all; interaction with authors, but again, that varies considerably. Small, iffy returns for thoughtfully interacting with a book and with others who have read it.

This has become such a big deal to me, I’ve initiated an award for the best blog posts during the tour, called the Top Tour Blogger Award. (I tried to rework the name of this award so we could refer to it as the BATT or some other clever acronym, but didn’t come up with anything sensical [as opposed to nonsensical – 😀 ] ).

Of course, this month, with such good posts, awarding one blogger over the others that also did a wonderful job is especially tough. If this continues, I may have to turn this over to the public and have you all vote on who deserves the honor, or have the featured author pick a winner, but for now, the opinion, and a very subjective opinion it is, belongs solely to me.

I will say that I’m most swayed by bloggers who posted all three days. Length of post doesn’t enter in, because I tend to think blog visitors, who probably also are very busy people, don’t have time to read many 1000 word posts. So what I’m looking for is pretty much what I said I enjoy from the tour—something fresh (ho-hooo! I’ve been listening to editors too much, me thinks! 😉 ), something that makes me think, something that shines new light on the author or work.

Tough call. The June CSFF participant to win the Top Tour Blogger Award is Chawna Schroeder. Great job, especially considering she posted an interview and a review.

A great tour once again. As cherry on top of the ice cream sundae, Vanished reached second on Technorati and remained in the top ten all tour long, even though several other books were touring. Open thank you note to all the participants who made this such a great tour.

Now go tell your friends about Kathryn Mackel.

And one last time, if you haven’t visited tour participants this week, consider seeing what all these folks have to say:
Brandon Barr
Justin Boyer
Jackie Castle
CSFF Blog Tour
* Gene Curtis
** D. G. D. Davidson (excellent discussion of horror developed in the comments)
** Jeff Draper (someone actually dared to discuss Christian horror!)
April Erwin
Karina Fabian
Beth Goddard
Andrea Graham
Todd Michael Greene (short summaries of her other books)
Katie Hart
* Christopher Hopper (has an excellent interview with Kathryn Mackel!)
Joleen Howell
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Mike Lynch
+ Magma (Note: new member; not on the list posted by other participants)
Terri Main
* Shannon McNear (check out the special news Shannon has released)
* Melissa Meeks (also has an excellent interview with Kathryn Mackel)
* John W. Otte
Deena Peterson
* Steve Rice
Ashley Rutherford
Mirtika or Mir’s Here
* Chawna Schroeder Winner of the Top Tour Blogger Award
Stuart Stockton
* Steve Trower
Speculative Faith (There’s a short quiz)
Laura Williams
Timothy Wise

A “+” indicates a blogger left off the original list
Bold type indicates a site I know has posted.
An “*” indicates “must read” content.
“**” indicates “must read” content, an intriguing discussion you might want to join.

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