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So why does Firefox work and Safari doesn’t?

I have to admit, as dependent on the computer and the internet as I am, I don’t understand them at all. Today, for some unknown reason, I can’t get in to my dashboard here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. That is, if I’m using Safari, my default program. But lo and behold, when I tried the same with Firefox, no problem. Mind you, I have not experienced a problem with Safari before. In fact, I have no problem opening any of the other pages I wanted to open, even the WordPress dashboard and help pages. But let me open my dashboard or my post page and, yes, it opens, then shuts down. The whole program. So is it a WordPress problem, a Safari problem, or my computer (an iMac) problem? And how do I find out? I’ve emptied caches, reset Safari, reloaded WordPress. Nothing has worked.

I’m tempted just to change default programs and ignore it, but I suspect there is some cause I should pursue. But, I gotta tell you, this is not how I envisioned spending my time. Not when I’m desperately trying to get back to revising Battle for the Throne. That’s book three of the Lore of Efrathah trilogy.

So there, that’s my computer problems rant for the day.

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  1. Becky, I use both Safari (as default) and Firefox (which had been my default until the Safari 3.0 version came out). For some reason I can’t log into Hotmail with Safari, but can with Firefox. And sometimes they kind of leapfrog in capability and stability. So, I think the answer is having a backup browser (I also keep Opera installed).

    As to your question where the problem is: Hard to tell, but it will probably be fixed at some point. Keep in mind, all these websites are designed to work with Internet Explorer for PCs. Other browsers (on Macs or PCs) might have some issues. And, there is no IE for Macs.

    One thing to try: Clear out your caches. Go to the Safari menu, choose Reset Safari, and click Empty the Cache. If that doesn’t do it, you could try clicking Remove all Cookies. Especially with cached pages, they don’t always update correctly when you navigate to the original web page.


  2. Rich, I think I’ll just keep on using both until I get high speed internet and can upgrade my programs. I did the empty cache and reset Safari things. Didn’t remove all cookies, though. At this point, I don’t want to fool with it. But I sure am glad I have both Safari and Firefox.

    Thanks for lending your expertise to my problem.



  3. Sounds like a cookie problem. Just look for any cookies pertaining to the domain and remove them. You’ll have to re-login to the site though.


  4. Well, it was worth a try, Shane, but no joy in Mudville yet. I think it will be like this until I upgrade my software. I am able to post using Firefox, so I’m not too discombobulated. 😉



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