Fantasy Here, Fantasy There, Fantasy Everywhere

My head is full of fantasy. Just last Monday Sharon Hinck had a live chat with members of the ACFW Book Club discussing the April feature, Restorer’s Son, the second book in Sharon’s Sword of Lyric series. Great stuff. I was heartened to see so many readers, not normally fantasy lovers, who raved about the book. And I do mean raved.

On top of this, as you know, we’ve been collecting nominations for the Clive Staples Award. It’s been lots of fun to see what books readers are putting forward as worthy of recognition.

Yesterday I visited the web site of the Mythopoeic Society, a fantasy organization tilting toward the literary and scholarly, inspired by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Inklings. I discovered this organization also gives out awards—has for almost forty years.

Well, on Monday I also posted over at Spec Faith, and in the midst of writing the article got the idea for a “Commenters’ Choice” award for the best Christian speculative web or blog site. I’m still not sure if we should lump the two together and have one award or separate and have two separate awards. Still, the idea was exciting.

Then we’re nearly ready to put out the next issue of Latest In Spec, so the news authors are listing is always interesting to me.

Let’s see. One example, Bryan Davis‘s next series, the one published by Zondervan, has launched this week with the first book, Beyond the Reflection’s Edge. This sounds like an intriguing series.

Besides the contests and news, there’s this little movie coming out very soon, launching here in the L.A. area, I think, May 18. I’m referring to Prince Caspian. You can read an interesting blog post regarding the movie over at Fiction Mirrors Truth (love the name of that blog).

So there you have it. That should get your brain thinking about fantasy, too. One more recommendation: pick up a good fantasy to read when you want to relax. You just might find yourself transported to another world where you’ll stay until the last word on the last page. Ah, that’s the fantasy experience! 😀


  1. Fantasy has indeed finally broken through the barrier at Christian houses. I’ve prayed my thankfulness. Now to get spec-fic’s other sub-genres acknowledged: spiritual thrillers and sci-fi.



  2. Well, Frank, I think “spiritual thrillers” have been in stores longer than anything but romance. Isn’t that what Frank Peretti writes? After his “Darkness” books, though, it seems like there weren’t a whole lot of … fiction, period. I don’t know what the dynamics were, but Crossway, which had positioned itself to be the leading player in fiction, seemed to change directions shortly after Peretti’s fourth book. I just checked at their site and they list 19 book of his they’ve published, so maybe the direction change was really his. I know he went back to writing for children for some time.

    Anyway, it seems there have been a number of others who have stepped into this genre. Certainly Kathryn Mackel’s Hidden would qualify. I suspect Tosca Lee’s Demon does, too. Others put T. L. Hines in this category, and from the premise I read of his second book, I think that’s probably accurate. Even Miles Owen had an imaginative mix of fantasy and supernatural suspense. Oh, and John Olson’s book coming out this fall is in this subgenre, too.

    So, I guess I’m saying, I disagree with the idea that only one kind of speculative novel is popular right now. I, of course, am a fan of the epic or classic fantasy, and would like to see more, but it’s starting to roll, no doubt.



  3. Rebecca,
    Thanks for the link to my blog (Fiction Mirrors Truth) and for the compliment on the name. You’ve tagged me with some of my favorite authors and I am honored. Glad to have your link on my blog! Thanks for stopping by!


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