Fantasy Awards for 2008

Writers may already be aware that the books nominated for the 2008 Christy Awards have been announced. (See Sally Stuart’s blog, Christian Writers’ Marketplace, for a complete list).

As you might expect, my interest is tied most closely with the Visionary category. Happily, this year there will be a Christy Award for a speculative fiction title. 😀

I must admit, I am also pleased that all three books that finaled were ones the CSFF Blog Tour featured during this past year. Those titles are


  • Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet (WaterBrook/Multnomah)
  • Scarlet by Stephen R. Lawhead (Thomas Nelson)
  • The Restorer by Sharon Hinck (NavPress)
  • Interestingly, on Monday over at Spec Faith, I opened the nominations for the Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction.

    We’ve already had four titles presented and accepted. You can find the list here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction along with a brief description of the books that qualify for nomination.

    Last year we had great participation formulating a list of books to consider. Unfortunately we couldn’t develop the organization properly to make an award. I’m hoping we can overcome that this year.

    Some people may not see the need this year since the Christy’s have included the Visionary category. I think it’s still worth adding our award. One, it will give the genre additional exposure. Two, it will be a little more like a people’s choice award, since publishers don’t have to pay anything to have a book nominated, and authors aren’t being left out because their publisher hasn’t entered their book. It’s really up to readers.

    So here’s your invitation. What was the best Christian fantasy (published in 2007) you read? I’d like to see you nominate books you think deserve to win. You may do so here or over at Spec Faith or on the Clive Staples page.


    1. The Clive Staples is an important award, regardless of what the Christys do. Reader nominated awards in a nearly non-existant genre in Christian circles are an outstanding way to promote and acknowledge the artists behind these ventures. No offense to the Christy committee, but they, like a lot of industry awards have publisher/partner restrictions that the C.S. awards don’t. The liberty of full choice is what makes the C.S. both unique and important.

      There can be (and in fact are) books that are nominated for a Clive Staples that would not be eligible for a Christy in any category.


    2. I was browsing through in search of fantasy/SF books with publication dates when I suddenly realized something. This is the first year in the history of the Christy Awards that a Karen Hancock book will not win the allegory/fantasy/visionary award. In a way it makes me sad, as I love her books and would have loved the whole Legends of the Guardian-King series to win (as well as Jack Cavanaugh’s Songs in the Night series and Lynn Austin’s Refiner’s Fire series – all of which also missed by the final book in the series). But I’m glad that so many authors are crafting excellent fiction that each award is a surprise.


    3. xdpaul, thanks for the encouragement. I’m thinking now that if we don’t announce our winner near the Christy announcement, we can reinforce the interest in the genre.

      Katie, as soon as I read the list of finalists, I thought of Karen Hancock. I admit, I did think her series final would make the cut, but there are a good number of others that are well written, so I knew it would be hard for her to win again.

      It is kinda sad, but good for the genre, good for Christian fiction, no doubt.



    4. I agree that this is needed, especially because the Christy award doesn’t always have the Visionary category. And the “reader” angle is better anyway.

      How will the final winner be decided? By vote?

      Hey, a quick fix is needed in the above post, as your link to the “Clive Staples” page is to the 2007 version, not the 2008 one.

      Thanks again for your work on this!


    5. Hey Becky. When I saw the title of this post “Fantasy Awards” my first thought was these weren’t real awards, just imaginary, kind of like fantasy football or something. But don’t tell anybody that’s how I think. They might say I am too literal and boot me off the island!


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