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It’s that time again—the CSFF Blog Tour for April begins today featuring Lisa T. Bergren’s The Begotten. Thing is, I opted myself out this month.

Though I haven’t missed a tour since we started in June 2006, I’m not pulling the Vacation card because I do still plan to blog this week, and I’ll post the participant links. I’m also not pulling the Too Busy card, though I did have Manuscripts to read for the Mount Hermon mentoring group and now Books to read for a contest I’m judging.

The truth is, I didn’t read the book largely because it is a supernatural suspense. I already mentioned, I’m really a member of the Big Honkin’ Chicken Club when it comes to regular suspense. Well, add in the supernatural component, and my standing in the club rises!

I hate to come clean on this because, as I posted over at Speculative Faith today, I’m not usually tied to genre. And yet, there are some I prefer NOT to read.

So, for a fair appraisal of the CSFF April feature, you’re better off visiting the other tour participants:

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  1. I guess it was suspenseful, but I didn’t find it overly so. However, this is coming from a Horror-story lover! LOL

    I think it’s great to know what you DON’T want to read. That way you don’t get halfway invested in a book only to find out that you don’t like it or that it’s not right for you.


  2. Cluck, cluck. But then I don’t do horror movies. I remember being scared by an Abbott & Costello movie back in the 50s when I was a kid. A monster tree with arms grabbed Lou Costello from behind and I couldn’t even stay in the theater (I think I was about 7 years old and there with my older cousins). I was terrorized for weeks!


  3. Actually, I’m a little surprised. You read the Guardian King series, and I don’t think there is anything worse than anything in there. Too bad, because you’re missing out! 😉

    Maybe some of our reviews can win you over.


  4. Really not as scary as it sounds. Stephen King? Now there’s scary. No thanks. But Lisa has all the graces of lady-like suspense (and I mean that in the very best of ways). Let me put it this way: I’m a Gladiator fiend and still loved this book despite it’s lack of “typical gore.”

    Although, it’s not always what you describe, but what you leave to the reader to describe for themselves.

    Ooooo…(shiver). Mufasa! Ooooo, say it again! Mufasa!



  5. Well, you’ve got to stay true to yourself. No harm in that! : )


  6. I don’t do horror movies either, Rich. And some suspense, I do like, but in small, small doses. Supernatural suspense? I read Peretti’s Darkness books and that was enough for me. I thought at the time is was a good reminder that we are in a spiritual warefare, but the details … well, I’ll leave that to others.

    I am glad to learn Jason, Kait, Christopher and so many other liked the book. And, yes, I do feel a little like I’m missing out. But you all don’t really need to hear my complaining about a story you enjoyed, do you. Not saying I know for sure I’d react that way, but it’s happened before. 😮

    Thanks for the support, Laura. True to self. Sometimes in reviews, I think others wish I weren’t so true to self. 😀



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