The Tour Is On

It’s that time again—the CSFF Blog Tour for April begins today featuring Lisa T. Bergren’s The Begotten. Thing is, I opted myself out this month.

Though I haven’t missed a tour since we started in June 2006, I’m not pulling the Vacation card because I do still plan to blog this week, and I’ll post the participant links. I’m also not pulling the Too Busy card, though I did have Manuscripts to read for the Mount Hermon mentoring group and now Books to read for a contest I’m judging.

The truth is, I didn’t read the book largely because it is a supernatural suspense. I already mentioned, I’m really a member of the Big Honkin’ Chicken Club when it comes to regular suspense. Well, add in the supernatural component, and my standing in the club rises!

I hate to come clean on this because, as I posted over at Speculative Faith today, I’m not usually tied to genre. And yet, there are some I prefer NOT to read.

So, for a fair appraisal of the CSFF April feature, you’re better off visiting the other tour participants:

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