CSFF Blog Tour – On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, Day 1

When I was teaching junior high, I decided I should write a book. After all, there was so little on bookshelves aimed at tweeners.

That was actually my first motivation to begin writing, but upon delving into the business, I learned no publisher was interested in producing books for that age level. That was then.

Now, in the golden era of YA, Christian publishers are at last courting authors who write for youth, including those writing for tweens—the not-children-and-not-adults crowd. Or more precisely, the not-children-and-not-young-adults crowd.

Andrew Peterson, perhaps best known for his music, is one such author. On the Edge of the Dark Sea of DarknessHis debut novel, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, is a delightful, fun fantasy aimed at youth but certainly written to tickle adults as well.

I have to say, I really do enjoy the CSFF blog tour, as I may have mentioned from time to time in previous posts ( 😉 ). I find the participants honest, thoughtful, and interesting. Still, when I run across a review that is not associated with the tour, I pay special attention. Will their opinions clash with ours? Is our love of the genre coloring our opinions?

This weekend, I came across two reviews I thought were notable, one from an entirely independent source, the other from a writer I admire greatly. So I’ll let you be the judge. See what these two reviews say: Taran at Coffeespoons and Jonathan Rogers at The Rabbit Room. Then check out what the CSFF’ers have to say and see what you think.

Highlighted links are bloggers I know have posted already.

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  1. Teaching Junior High? (Shudder!!)

    I enjoyed this book. Sweet and quirky, fun and amusing. I’m looking forward to more. Best regards.

    Michael A. Heald


  2. Hey Becky,

    Nice review. I also enjoyed reading your thoughts about the Mt. Hermon conference. I am so glad I had a chance to meet you there.



  3. Glad to see Taran and The Rabbit Room reviewed it favorably! Awesome!



  4. Becky,
    If you want to know my 14-year-old’s opinion, you can see it here:

    And my 13-year-old is RE-READING it already! A HUGE hit at my house!



  5. Hey, Michael, teaching junior high is not as scary as it sounds. 😀 Once you get to know those kids, you realize just how fun they are. If I ever go back to teaching, I’d go back to that age in a heartbeat.

    Kim, thanks so much for giving the link. Wonderful that to see that the target audience, and not just adults, actually see the humor and enjoy the story.

    Yes, Christopher, those reviews were definitely favorable. Jonathan Rogers and Andrew are apparently friends, so that may soften his glowing comments some, but I think the world of him as a writer, so it is still praise from an informed source. Taran, however, would appear to be a completely neutral source. His review was balanced, which makes me pay even closer attention. Still favorable. There lots and lots to like in this book. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

    Mike, it was great meeting you at MH, too. I’ll pick up the discussion about the conference after the tour.



  6. It really is quite a conundrum the YA market … most agents don’t even accept it. Hats off to Andrew Peterson!


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