Fantasy Friday – Back to the Award

In case you missed it, I am hoping we can resurrect our Christian speculative fiction award. A week or so ago, I posted some thoughts on the subject at Spec Faith. This is a replication of that post:

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I’ve been thinking about a CSFF award again. The suggestion came up last year when the Christy Awards did not include a CSFF category due to an insufficient number of nominations in the genre. As a result of our discussion, we took nominations over at A Christian Worldview of Fiction, and it was apparent that certainly enough books were written within the category parameters, so apparently the publishers chose not to enter the books, for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, the new award came to a dead end for lack of someone to take over as organizer. I didn’t think I could add that role to what I’m already doing, but in part that was because I was thinking big. I had a view to the end—what I hope the award will become. To get the organization, the judges, the cooperation of publishers, etc. seemed like a daunting task, especially in such a short amount of time.

But I am starting to think, we need to start, even if the start is far from what the end will look like. The CSFF Blog Tour, for example, started small. We fumbled around for a while until we hit on what worked best, and the group has grown ten-fold.

So maybe our award first time out won’t be as professional as I hope it will become. But it will be nothing at all if we don’t start. So here’s what I’m proposing.

The name. I’d like to call the award the Clive Staples. When we took name suggestions earlier, C. S. Lewis was the one most people wanted to honor, especially because he wrote both science fiction and fantasy, but there was some strong opposition to calling the award the Lewis. In reality, the name will become noteworthy if the award is. I mean Bram Stoker? What makes that a good name for an award? Or the Christy? The man, the book and what they mean to literature make the name work.

So why Clive Staples? Because that’s what Lewis’s C. S. stands for.

The Organization. We’ll need to form a committee—a board—to formulate rules and all, but most of that we’ve discussed here (and here) or at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. I think we’ll need to open nominations, give a specific deadline, close them, choose finalists and send them to credible judges.

What would really give the award credibility would be if we offered a cash prize for the winner. Or stickers to affix to the books. But those are the things that may need to develop in time. (Unless any of you are independently wealthy and want to donate to the cause! 😉

Watch this space for more information, and if you think of it, pray that this will get off the ground if God wants to use the award for His purposes. And please, if you would like to be a part of the board, let me know. I have a list of those who volunteered last year, and I’ll see if they are still interested. We can go from there. Looking forward to reading your thoughts about this.

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