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Because writing is my job, I have a good amount of time to think about … well, all things writing. But these last few days, with the push to get ready to leave, when I have time to let my mind drift, it runs to the yet unfinished tasks.

Print out directions—to the airport, to the home in Santa Barbara where we’ll switch cars, to the meeting place in Atascadero where we’ll join up with our final carpooler.

Car care. Stop at the bank. Run off those manuscripts for the mentoring clinic. Send out emails about the next blog tour. Water the plants. Put a hold on the paper. And the mail.

All that to say, when I sit down to blog, I sort of go blank. Let’s see, what would readers like to know about today—the best route to the John Wayne Airport or maybe a weather report (rain expected this weekend—must remember to pack the umbrella).

The point is, my admiration has soared for those blogger-writers who work a day job yet get online and add intelligent conversation to the blogsphere.

I tend to be pretty one-tracked when it comes to focus. Not that I don’t multi-task—something I employed regularly in the classroom. I don’t know if a teacher can survive without the ability to multi-task. Writers need the same skill because the PR/marketing thing is such a critical part of the business too.

But that’s still connected to writing and the writing community. Not the same thing at all as those who work at a hospital or bank or a school all day, then come home and do their writerly tasks.

Frankly, I am in awe.

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