Setting Priorities

Usually, my priority list—and I’m talking work list, so I’m not mentioning things like church or my quiet time—is quite simple to manage. I have tasks around the house (lowest rung on the priority ladder – 😉 ), this here blog and on Mondays, like today, the one over at Spec Faith. On occasion there’s a newspaper assignment, an article or short story to write, an editing project, CSFF Blog Tour responsibilities. Recently I’ve gotten back to regular critiquing with my online group. But at the top of the list, the job that is my must is finishing The Lore of Efrathah.

I may have mentioned I wanted to have the revised draft of Battle for the Throne, Book 3, in the computer before Mount Hermon, but I didn’t quite make it.

Instead, as the conference crested the horizon, I found my set of priorities shifting. Things To Do To Get Ready suddenly crowded out all else. Business cards to update (but first I needed a new picture – here’s the one we settled on ), mentoring clinic manuscripts to critique (and create the tabs for the notebook so I can keep them all straight) and run off (and punch holes so they fit in the notebook), pack (but do the laundry and iron first). You get the idea.

One thing I kept telling myself I needed to do was to send out a note to the group of people who are praying for me particularly with writing in mind. Why is it something so important wasn’t first on my list of “To Do”? I’m confessing now—it stayed on the back burner until what I’d planned to do didn’t happen and suddenly I had a half hour or so of unscheduled time. What to do in such a small time-slot?

Thankfully I got the prayer requests sent out. God has a way of helping us adjust our priorities. Sometimes that “help” is more demanding.

I’m reading in Ezekiel just now. For some reason I continually forget the first thing God did when He called Ezekiel to be a prophet: He made him mute—until He gave him prophetic words to speak. Now there’s demanding help: speak only what I tell you to, and as a way to help you, from here on you won’t be able to speak at all until I give you My words.

Makes me wonder about Ezekiel, why he needed God to restrain him so. Also makes me pray for self-control, for an awareness of God’s priorities, for a willingness to do them. See, I definitely want God’s help, but I’d rather not need the demanding kind.

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