Up and Running

Well, that was interesting. And I felt cut off from the writing/blogging community after three days off the internet! Nine days was … uh, three times harder! 😉

I never did find out just what the phone problem was. This time it was much more widespread than the line feeding to my apartment. So, no, no repairman showed up at my door, climbed a ladder to the roof, accused poor innocent birds of causing the problem. The rumor was, water … somewhere.

Not hard to believe. Last year our area experienced a drought—three plus inches of rain, for the entire year, July to June. This year we had seven in January alone. That’s considered flood conditions here, or practically so.

The point is, whatever problems might have begun to develop in the phone lines last year didn’t show up because we never got enough rain. Now those problems are fully exposed.

I gotta say, I hope Verizon got them all taken care.

Being forced away from blogging was good for my writing, as I mentioned, but only up to a point. This week I found myself feeling quite stagnant. I think this interaction here about all things Christian and/or fiction serves as a catalyst for creativity. At least that’s my operating theory for now.

The short of it is, I missed the give and take with y’all! 😀

God willing, I’ll get back to one of our topics tomorrow—book buzz or Christian fiction. Still not sure which (and I only had two weeks to make up my mind! 😮 )

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