Buzz at Work—Book Buzz, Part 5

Hey all! I was just on Wayne Thomas Batson’s blog, at It’s a really fascinating site, with links to other Christian fantasy authors. Mr. Batson is the author of the Door Within Trilogy and Isle of Swords. These novels are among my favorites, and are growing immensely in their popularity right now. There is even talk of making a movie! Only time will tell, I suppose.

So said the author of the blog Writer’s Passion last Thursday.

A week ago, Saturday, the blogger writing Books under the Bridge said this:

Recommended: The Legend of the Firefish (George Bryan Polivka), Book 1 of The Trophy Chase Trilogy.

I first heard about this book by browsing around the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour. It’s George Bryan Polivka’s first fantasy publication, published in March of 2007.

These are specific examples of the way buzz works. Wayne Batson creates a “fascinating site,” but also links to other Christian fantasy writers. Blog visitor Araken then writes about Wayne’s site, linking to it. And here I am, writing about both Araken’s blog and Wayne’s. And each person who reads my post or Araken’s, or who clicks over to Wayne’s site is introduced or reminded of his books. We are engaged in book buzzing.

Same with Bryan Polivka‘s, only this buzz was an outgrowth of a direct attempt to stir buzz. The point is, having a good blog helps and having your book featured on a blog tour helps.

It does seem to be an obvious corollary that the more places an author’s name appears, the more places his name will appear. Buzz actually works much like the dollars publishers spend for marketing—more to the well-known and selling well than to Brand New Author.

I finally understand what I heard from editors years ago—the time to start marketing your book is before you publish. This is true in part because of the Author Trust factor I mentioned last week. It is possible to build up author trust before readers have picked up your book. One obvious way is through speaking, but another way is through blogging.

I think there are some general “rules” to keep in mind, however, if “blogging” is actually going to result in buzz. (I suppose this really fits in with the blogging content post, but part of the problem with blogging is that you publish before you have the whole enchilada assembled.) In no special order, and largely to remind myself:

    1) write regularly
    2) keep the length manageable (posts that are long may chase away busy people)
    3) link to others, and better yet, exchange links as often as possible
    4) participate in blog rings or blog tours (but keep in mind that content ought not be a copy-and-paste edition of what readers can find elsewhere—it kills their motivation to visit.)
    5) broaden your web presence by visiting new sites and leaving comments. (One professional says to do a set number of things every day to promote your work, and visiting new sites certainly counts.)
    6) invite guests to blog (often their readers will follow them over to your site)
    7) keep your content focused on a particular topic, one in which you have some experience or knowledge
    8 ) to the best of your ability, make use of new technology such as podcasting

I’m sure there are others I could list, but I’ve already gone on too long. 😉

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