. . . And Bring Forth a Son

More from Miracles by C. S. Lewis:

Christianity does not involve the belief that all things were made for man. It does involve the belief that God loves man and for his sake became man and died. … The sceptic asks how we can believe that God so “came down” to this one tiny planet. The question would be embarrassing if we knew (1) that there are rational creatures on any of the other bodies that float in space; (2) that they have, like us, fallen and need redemption; (3) that their redemption must be in the same mode as ours; (4) that redemption in this mode has been withheld from them. But we know none of them. … If it is maintained that anything so small as the Earth must, in any event, be too unimportant to merit the love of the Creator, we reply that no Christian ever supposed we did merit it. Christ did not die for men because they were intrinsically worth dying for, but because He is intrinsically love, and therefore loves infinitely. (emphasis mine, excerpted from chapter 7, p. 53)

It is therefore inaccurate to definite a miracle as something that breaks the laws of Nature. It doesn’t. … If God annihilates or creates or deflects a unit of matter He has created a new situation at that point. Immediately all Nature domiciles this new situation, makes it at home in her realm, adapts all other events to it. It finds itself conforming to all the laws. If God creates a miraculous spermatozoon in the body of a virgin, it does not proceed to break any laws. The laws at once take it over. Nature is ready. Pregnancy follows, according to all the normal laws, and nine months later a child is born. … The moment it [the miraculous] enters her [Nature’s] realm it obeys all her laws. Miraculous wine will intoxicate, miraculous conception will lead to pregnancy, inspired books will suffer all the ordinary process of textual corruption [unless the Holy Spirit also provides miraculous preservation], miraculous bread will be digested. … A miracle is emphatically not an event without cause or without results. Its cause is the activity of God: its results follow according to Natural law. (excerpts from chapter 8, pp. 60-61)

As Scripture indicates, God’s infinite love prompted Him to miraculous activity: sending His Son to earth as a baby. And so, Christmas. 😀


  1. As we turn our hearts toward family and friends during the Christmas holiday, I wanted to let you to know that I am thankful for blessing of many new friends I’ve come to “know” here in blogland. The tie that binds us is our shared love for and devotion to the Savior whose birth we remember during this special time of the year. May your days be full of holiday blessings; and, may your heart be filled with the warmth of His presence.

    Spiritual Oasis Blog


  2. Hello! A few years ago, many astronomers and the popular press declared that Earth was far from unique, and that there had to be many planets identical to Earth orbiting other stars.
    As we learn more, some astronomers are calling that presupposition into question.
    The idea that aybe there is something unique about Earth can be quite unsettling. It would force sceptics to go through the arguments that you listed above. Best regards.

    Michael A. Heald


  3. Due to circumstances I will not list here, I am currently without a church, and have been celebrating in my own way: singing Christmas carols from an old Methodist hymnal in my living room, reading various things about Christmas, listening to radio programs, etcetera. Therefore, thanks for these posts, Becky.


  4. Bill, thanks for stopping by and for your kind wishes. I appreciate you and your writing.

    Michael, thanks for your thoughts. Interesting that C. S. Lewis wrote his space trilogy with that “what if there was another ‘earth’?” question at its core. The point isn’t whether there is or is not, but that God is God either way.

    Keanan, I appreciate you letting me know that you’re thankful for these posts. Interesting that I hadn’t intended to do a Christmas series … until I started reading Miracles. God knew all along though. 😀



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