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So I’ve been catching up on blog posts I wasn’t reading this week because I was touring CSFF participants’ sites instead. Lots going on, but nothing that really stuck as something I HAVE to post on my blog.

For writers, Chip MacGregor has a post about agents and proposals. President and CEO of Thomas Nelson, Michael Hyatt, posted a list of agents his company uses.

For regular visitors here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction, we are nearing the end of the Fantasy Challenge II. If you have something to report, I hope you’ll take a moment to write up your comment as soon as possible.

For fantasy fans, Latest In Spec will be coming out with a special Christmas Gift Issue that you’ll want to get a copy of. It’s a great resource for you and for those you influence—your local librarian, your children’s teachers, your local bookstore managers.

Another fantasy tidbit. The online December issue of CBA: the Association of Christian Retailing listed Wayne Thomas Batson‘s Isle of Swords as #4 on the YA best-selling list. Of course it continues to do well at and is even listed as #5 for children’s books about pirates.

Still, His Dark Materials, atheist Philip Pullman’s children’s series, is getting a big push with the upcoming movie release of The Golden Compass and high on Amazon’s best-seller list. It’s unfortunate, but I tend to think the Christian reaction to the books and movie helps spur interest. More on that subject tomorrow.

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  1. Hi, Becky and thanks for posting about Isle of Swords hitting #4–you knew before I did. Thank you, Jesus! That’s two very strong months–#2 last month and #4 this month. Thanks for all you do here and elsewhere to promote all of our books.

    Never alone.



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